Dates and times!

Fine Arts was a great success! I heard the comment “Best Day Ever” many times. I do have many pictures to post and I will get that done sometime before Monday (hopefully)

I wanted to correct and update a few things on the calendar.

Kindergarten Celebration is Wednesday, June 1

Morning class’s celebration will begin at 10:30 AM

Afternoon class’s celebration will begin at 2:00 PM

Thursday, June 2 is Beach Day (More details to follow)

Thursday, June 2nd is also “Celebrate Hambright” ( had the date wrong on previous post, so please check and make sure you have the information correct. A special thanks to all the parents who catch my incorrect dates. I do appreciate it.)

This is going to be a fun evening with many activities. I know there will be food trucks and many activities. Please plan to join us.

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