About Me

Hello! What to share on a blog always baffles me, so I will start with the basics. I have owned a home in the Millersville area since December of 2009 and have lived in the Penn Manor School District since I moved to Lancaster. I loved the area and decided to stay. I have lived in many of townships including Manor, Conestoga and Martic. I spent many years in the Tucquan Glen Area. My daughter is grown and married to a wonderful young man, they live around Springfield, Ohio.

I was born and spent my early years in Philadelphia. I am the oldest of a very large family and most of my family stills lives in and around Philly. I remain a faithful Philadelphia Eagles Fan and catch the games as often as I can. I have no desire to live in or even around a big city ever again.

Teaching for Penn Manor School District has been a rewarding experience. I have met so many wonderful families and they are the reason this district is so awesome. I have been teaching in the district for 15 years. I began my career in Kindergarten, moved to fifth grade and then to fourth and I am thrilled to be back teaching kindergarten at Hambright.  I am looking forward to several more years before I retire and hopefully move to Ohio.