Thursday 9/21 – Crew cancelled – Conference deadline.

There will be no stage crew this afternoon.  All work has been cancelled – construction will begin on Monday after school.  Students should go home directly after school, the auditorium will be closed and no staff members will be available after school.  All crew work today has been cancelled.

Marketing crew and costume crew work will begin soon – stay tuned for more announcements relating to those work sessions.  But they will occur in the evening only.

All students interested in attending the state conference (or those who are essential to our mainstage performance of And Then There Were None) are reminded that your registration packet and a 50% deposit of the registration fee are due tomorrow – Friday 9/22.  If you are an inducted Thespian, $55 is due.  If you have not yet been inducted, $60 is due.

Remember that many forms are available here on this blog – and also on our Moodle site. If you need to print your own copy, students can log in to Moodle and print any piece of paper that has been distributed at any time.



Our show will now be performed on Friday night – so we will NOT be staying a 3rd night in the hotel – reducing the cost per person by $25.

Fall Play Cast List

Anyone who will be a cast/crew member for the fall play, please plan to attend a meeting with your parent on Monday, September 11th at  6:30pm.   ATTWN-CastList1


Missed the meeting? Here’s the info… Lots to do THIS WEEK!

Theatre Meeting Power Point: TheatreMeeting2017

BARNSTORMERS Flash Mob Opportunity – Commit and purchase tickets for the game by Sept 6th. Participants need to attend rehearsals in the evening on Sept 6-7 at Clipper Stadium.  Any participants, friends and family members may order tickets for the game on Sept 8th for half-price ($6/person) using the enclosed form. BarnstormersSept8

FALL PLAY AUDITIONS-Auditions for onstage roles are this week.  Sign up sheet is located outside room 209.  Sept 6th (3:00-7:00) and Sept 7th (3:00-5:00).  You will be needed for a 15-minute session as a member of a group of no more than six students. AuditionForm

Students should prepare one of the monologues (of your choice) provided here:  ATTWN-AuditionMonologues      And you should also familiarize yourself with these scenes – we will ask you to do various parts with your group (but we get to choose which scene & which character’s part you’ll read): ATTWN-AuditionScenes

FALL PLAY CREW MEMBERS- Crew applications are due by this Friday, September 8th. We encourage students to attend as many crew sessions -in many different areas – whenever they are available.  This will allow students to learn about each aspect of theatre, get to know all of the staff members, and have flexibility to come to any session.  We are looking for students who are willing to work as part of a team, be responsible, and are willing to learn – we will teach you what you need to know! ATTWN-CrewForm-PMP

STATE CONFERENCE – We are taking our fall show “on the road” – so we need all of our cast, and essential crew members to also commit to attending this field trip (Nov 30-Dec 2).  We are also being adjudicated with hopes of being selected to take our show to the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer. (June 24-30).  We must know if attending EITHER of these events would not be possible, before we finalize the cast & crew responsibilities – please explain on your crew/audition form if there is anything we need to know up front. 2017ConferenceInfo

CODE OF CONDUCT- PM requires every student to have a signed document on file for each activity, each school year.  So, everyone needs to turn in this signature page for the 2017-18 school year. (Full policy available on district website). CodeOfConductSignaturePage

DRUG SCREENING PROGRAM- Every member of the cast/crew/pit/club must also be a participant in this program. Forms are available in the HS office. This form needs only to be filled out once – if you are already in the system, you will remain in until you graduate.

THESPIANS CLUB -If you want to join our Thespians club – here is the application – due by Friday, Sept 15th.  Be sure to stop by the PM Theatre table in the cafeteria on  Sept 7th to speak with some of our current officers and students with any theatre-related questions! ThespiansClubAppl-2017

Every student involved in our fall show (cast or crew) is asked to help raise funds through sponsorships and ticket sales.  Sponsorships from individuals and/or businesses begin at just $5 – and go up to $250.  Students receive 25% credit of all sponsorships collected for individual credit to help offset out-of-pocket costs for trips to the state conference, show shirts, etc. Parents are asked to help contact individuals and businesses who might be willing to support our program.  Sponsorship2017

Stop by the Foreign Language hallway to see Mrs. Mintzer during the school day with any questions.  Blocks 1 and 2 – IPC room 206.  Blocks 3 and 4 – room 209.


Wed Aug 30th – 6:30 pm – Theatre KickOff Meeting

***Please plan to attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, August 30th – if you are interested in any aspect of theatre participation this school year.*** We’ll begin at 6:30 in the PMHS auditorium.

Each fall, we produce a show the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Traditionally, it is a straight play – melodrama, comedy, murder mystery, etc.  This year, we have selected a dramatic thriller from bestselling author, Agatha Christie!

“And Then There Were None” is full of suspense, as ten people arrive to a luxurious mansion on a secluded island expecting to attend a weekend social function.  However, there is a murderer amongst the group…

We are going to perform this show at PMHS on November 17-18, but also at the PA Thespians State Conference (Nov 30-Dec 2nd).  We will be adjudicated, and hope to be selected to perform the show at the International Thespian Festival in June, 2018.

Auditions and crew sign ups are held in early September.   We will also share information about becoming an inducted Thespian (honor society for theatre students), our club that meets during homeroom, and parental involvement.

Second Order for Mermaid Shirts!

This is a “last call” for anyone who would like to get a show shirt from our spring production of The Little Mermaid.  In order to have a second printing of shirts, we do need to meet some quantity minimum requirements, and we don’t have enough yet!

You can choose the style of shirt – short sleeve T, long sleeves, baseball style, crew neck or hoodie sweatshirt.  You also get to choose the color – blue or white (baseball shirts are white in the middle with blue sleeves).  If you want any type of personalization on the back – there is an additional $3 fee – and it needs to fit on one line (approx 12-15 characters maximum).

Use this order form and submit it – with payment- to Mrs. Mintzer by Monday, April 10th. Mermaid-2017ShirtOrderForm

Breakfast With the Stars – Annual Banquet – April 29

Please plan to join us on Saturday, April 29th to celebrate this year of Penn Manor Theatre!  All cast, crew, and pit orchestra members for Twelve Angry Jurors and The Little Mermaid are invited to join us.  We will also be inducting students into our Thespian Troupe at this event!

Senior students may attend at no cost – but must still RSVP by the deadline – April 19th.   Underclassmen, family members, and staff should also RSVP using this form:  Breakfast with the Stars 2017


Applause Meeting Rescheduled

To avoid a conflict with the heroin panel presentation in the auditorium, we have rescheduled our upcoming Applause meeting until April 4th.   The meeting for 3/21 has been cancelled.  Please plan to join us in two weeks!

Message from our Meal Organizer

Feeding Your Teens This Week!

We are looking forward to keeping the actors, musicians, tech and crew all nourished and ready to do their best in the next few weeks!  Please take a look at the SignUp Genius and know that we need EVERYONE to help out!  Find an item or two that we are in need of, and sign up!

You can bring it a night or two ahead of time if that is more convenient for you! Do not hesitate because you cannot make it from scratch!  We are a judgment free zone! Stouffer’s makes the best Mac & Cheese for $12.99 in the party pack!  If you cannot possible donate a food item, please feel obliged to give your child some cash to pass along to Mrs. Mintzer – it is very expensive to feed almost 100 students and staff each night!

There will be a large wagon right inside the door under the overpass for your donations either close to 3:00 or up until 9:00 pm when rehearsal ends.  Please put your items in the cooler bag and I’ll bring it home and heat it up for the next day or two!

Pizza on Monday, Taco Tuesday, Mac & Cheese on Wednesday, and Thursday is Soup Night. Friday will be for leftovers.  There will always be PB&J and salad available each night as alternate choices. We will also provide a meal on Saturday between the  matinee and evening performances – and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the following week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lyn Patterson at 951-2788.

APPLAUSE – Parent meeting Tues, Feb 28th

PLEASE plan to attend Tuesday evening’s booster meeting in room 209.  We’ll start at 6:30, and the meeting will last no more than one hour. If you have a student in the cast/crew/pit, we invite you to join us!

Discussion items will include:

Donations and workers needed for the show

Broadway Cares/ Chinese Auction prize baskets

After-show party

Breakfast With the Stars – Saturday, April 29th (save the date!)

Recognizing our seniors

Thespian Induction Ceremony

It is show time – your help is needed!

Please visit this site to see how your help is needed during these next two weeks – or donations that are also needed:

We are providing meals for the cast/crew/pit members who are needed to prepare for our dress rehearsals each evening – that’s about 85-90 people… and there are TEN nights of meals!  If your son/daughter will be dining at the school, we’re counting on you to provide some of the needed items.

We also need help in the lobby on show nights – high school students in NHS/Serteen who are interested in helping may also sign up here.   Parents are reminded that they must have district volunteer clearances on file in order to serve on site.

Students are reminded to bring a water bottle to use during the meals. Ice water will be provided – but we want to “go green” and not provide disposable cups each evening.