Crew & Club starting soon!

If you have not submitted your application to be a part of our Thespians club, or to work as one of our crew members for “Spelling Bee” – Monday, September 21st is the deadline to do so!

There was supposed to be an announcement at school today -but with technical difficulties, it didn’t happen, unfortunately.

Crew sessions are beginning!  Please plan to attend these sessions based on your area(s) of interest – you are certainly welcome to attend more than one!  If you are new to theatre at PM, we WANT you to do just that!

Monday – Light crew will meet from 3-6 pm.  Marketing/Ushers will meet from 6-8 pm.

Tuesday – Sound crew will meet from 3-6 pm.

Thursday – Costume crew will meet from 3 – 5:00 (Note the different time from other crews.)

We do not intend to have a “make up crew” exclusively – and set construction will be minimal -and those details are not yet set. We encourage students interested in those areas to choose one of the above crews to get involved for now until more plans are ready.

Students must arrange their own transportation -to be picked up and dropped off on time.

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