Updated Info: Crew, Mailboxes, Applause

Students who have been working on construction, costumes, and marketing are not needed at this point – the bulk of our work in those areas has been completed.  Students should use SignUpGenius to sign up to work as an usher or in the lobby during the show next week.

Only students who have been given specific tasks to do crew work during the evening run-through rehearsals need to report at this time.  And these are the only students permitted backstage on show nights as well. 

Also – this is a reminder that students must have completed at least 10 hours of work in order to be a qualified crew member for this production.   If you have not completed 10 hours, your name will not be printed in the program booklet, and you are not eligible for rewards (cast party) and honors (Thespian points).  If you are close to meeting that hours requirement, please sign up to be an usher and help in the lobby – that work will count towards meeting the minimum requirement, and you could still be eligible for the post-show rewards.

Only students who have completed 10 hours have been given a permission slip to attend the cast & crew party as well.

Conference: Final balances are now past due. Please send in any remaining balance for registration fees ($55-60) and the hotel ($50).

Show shirts: Will be distributed soon – please bring payment in an envelope labeled with your name on it.

APPLAUSE:  There will not be a meeting this coming week.  If you have specific questions, please check with the appropriate committee chairperson.

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