Work continues – a few reminders!

Please be sure to “RSVP” for days/times when you plan to come to help. It is helpful for Mrs. Shellenberger and Mrs. Mintzer to know when people can be expected. (Remember that we still have things we need to do for our own families and for our own summer fun.) So we might have some time to go to the grocery store – and we do also have some of our own appointments to juggle.

If it is a rainy day – we may not be able to work. The ground gets too muddy outside the storage area. So this week, Thursday work could be limited since there are storms in the forecast. Knowing who is expected to help at certain days/times will also help us contact them if plans have to be changed.

Please send a quick text to Mrs. Mintzer or Mrs. Shellenberger to check in. Right now, we know that we have multiple helpers coming on:
Wed morning and afternoon,
Thursday afternoon (after 1).
For Friday, we have only heard from one person for a two-hour window – so if you are available on Friday, please let us know (or we may cancel).

We do continue to need folks who can pick up bags to work on at home. For anyone who is busy during the daytime hours, or lives in the souther end of our district, Mrs. Mintzer can grab the bags for you each morning, and is willing to meet up or deliver the bags later in the day – just let her know what you are able to do and how many bags to grab for you.

Next week, Mrs. Mintzer will be out of town attending the EDTA Advocacy Days and Leadership Summit in Washington, DC – so Mrs. Shellenberger will need to be primary point of contact after Friday, July 12th.

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