ALL CALL – Help needed on Wed 7/24 and Thurs 7/25 (9-12)


Mrs. Shellenberger, Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mintzer met at PMHS this morning with Mr. Jones (the new HS principal) to discuss theatre for the upcoming school year – specifically, the fall play. We’ll post more very soon.

BUT – in order to really get ready for the new school year, we MUST make some serious progress on the costume situation! Right now, the priority is to assemble the eight new costume racks – and to get the items OUT of the plastic bags. (Fabric in a plastic bag + summer heat = Not a good combination)

There is significant rain in the forecast for today/tonight – so we’d really like to put out an ALL CALL for Wednesday and Thursday mornings (9-12) to get the bulk of the items out of the bags. And Mother Nature will be cooperating more this week – so morning temperatures will not be as extreme as last week.

We know that everyone has busy schedules and jobs, etc… but we are hoping that we can count on you and your family members to help us out. If you cannot make it to a morning session – would you please let us know if you could make it in the evening instead? (We want to schedule times when people can help – but avoid the midday sun) . AND – please grab a few bags to help us out by hanging out some of the items at home.

Bag “Grab and Go” can happen almost anytime!
But we have to get the stuff out of the bags ASAP – so please ALL HANDS ON DECK for Wed/Thurs if possible!

Please comment here, or send a text to Mrs. M or Mrs. S if you are available.

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