Getting involved! Time to join a club or crew, or to audition…

Here is the link to sign up for an audition time slot (groups of 6, 30 minute slots):

All of the paperwork to get involved in our theatre program will be posted to our Moodle page as PDF files for your reference. Additional hard copies will also be available outside the make up room after the kick off meeting.

Here’s how to access our Moodle page (PM credentials required):

Moodle -> PMHS -> Student Life (at the bottom of the department listings) -> PM Theatre

Paperwork needed from all auditionees & crew members: audition/crew form, code of conduct (new one needed each school year), drug screening (only if not already on the list), calendar conflicts, parent survey.

Friday, September 6th – deadline to submit a crew form, and to sign up for Thespians club

ALMOST MAINE – trailer (quick overview) – . There are various versions posted on YouTube – please know that we will be producing the THIRD revised version (which may be a bit different) – and also trust that our directing team will ensure that all scenes will be produced TASTEFULLY and respectfully.

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