Crew Schedule – Almost, Maine

Crew work happens after school from 3-5, as a general rule, Mondays through Thursdays. Everyone is welcome to attend anytime they are available and willing to learn, and help.

Each day’s projects and focus will vary:

Construction & Props – Mondays and Wednesdays.

Lighting – Tuesdays

Sound – Thursdays

It is important that you SIGN IN each time you attend a crew session – for attendance (safety reasons) as well as to keep track of everyone’s hours. The more hours you put in, the more recognition you could receive. Remember that Thespian induction and honors are based on total hours worked. And, we want everyone to be well-rounded – so please come to multiple sessions as your schedule allows!

Additional crew schedules will be available soon…. we will also look for help with costumes, make up, and marketing/ushers. Mrs. Shellenberger and Mrs. Mintzer will oversee much of that work – so it will likely take place during our rehearsal sessions. More info to follow.

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