Here are the titles and sections of which songs should be prepared for Tuesday’s callback session. More info will be uploaded to Moodle/Google classroom on Sunday. This info will have to hold you over until then – please be patient!

DOROTHY: #4 “Over the Rainbow” – p. 100-101 m. 25-end#16 “If I Only Had a Brain” – p. 114 m. 32-44Learn the Dorothy part only
TREES/CROWS: #19 “If I Only Had a Heart” – p. 117 m. 2-12Sing your respective voice part for the “trees” (top note: soprano 1, middle note: soprano 2, bottom note: alto). 
GUARD:#28 “The Merry Old Land of Oz” – p. 133 m. 37-52
GLINDA: #24 “Poppies” – p. 128-129 m. 146-165
LION: #30 “If I Were King of the Forest” – p. 137 m. 5-23
SCARECROW: #16 “If I Only Had a Brain” – p. 113-114 m. 20-44Learn the Scarecrow part only
TIN MAN: #19 “If I Only Had a Heart” – p. 117-118 m. 12-28Learn the Tin Man part only

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