Thank you to everyone who has been willing to be a part of this new PM production – we are excited to get things underway!

Piecing together a cast list was not easy – but we have tried to honor your requests, spread roles out, incorporate some light-hearted and serious scenes for balance – and so many other factors!  

With that said, however, if we have you listed for a scene/character that you’re not excited about playing, PLEASE say something now.  We will not be offended.  Likewise, if we have not included a scene that you were really looking forward to doing, we might consider adding a few more, if we can. 

This document is still a bit of a “work in progress” until we hear back from everyone.    Please email Mrs. Mintzer with this information:

  1. I accept the role(s) I have been given.


  1. I do not wish to play the role(s) listed here (and then be specific)

We will contact individuals about scheduling rehearsal time for your scenes ASAP!

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