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We did say that casting is the most difficult task we have when we begin the fall play, and this year was harder than most. We are truly sorry that we do not have a part for everyone who auditioned because we were quite impressed with the quality of everyone’s auditions. We sincerely hope that those of you who did not get a part this time will try to help with the production in another way and/or try again in the spring. There are so many things to be done to mount a quality show, and many of them don’t require the use of power tools. (You could help to measure, hold things in place – and other helpful tasks, though.)  Some of the crews, such as Marketing and Costumes/Makeup, will meet at the same time as rehearsal. Others, such as set building and painting, lights and sound, will meet in the evenings because our tech directors have day jobs!

Mrs. Mintzer would love to add helpers who like to organize, color-code, alphabetize… and be creative to design banners, displays, backpack tags, organize show shirts and other items to publicize our show.  If you like to laminate things – she promises that the laminator and maybe a glue gun are the only “power tools” required for Marketing Crew!  But there is a lot of “show business” to manage, and all helping hands are welcome!

Please know that we DO want to see ALL of you involved in our program in some way. Remember that no experience is required – we all have to learn some new things in our new space – so a willingness to learn is truly the first step.  By being there, helping and learning – you’ll realize that the theatre program quickly connects us all and reminds us that everyone matters and can make a contribution. You already have all the paperwork submitted to be a part of the production – so just watch for crew meetings/schedules and join us whenever you are available. We really appreciate your efforts so far and hope to see you in the future.

Thank you,
Mrs. Shellenberger and Mrs. Mintzer

PS – *Rehearsals will be from 3-5 this coming week only. If your name is on the cast list, please complete the google form (posted in the google classroom) to accept/decline the role(s) listed.

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