Teen Lounge – Thursday, Nov 29th – “42nd Street”

Theatre students – if you are interested in seeing 42nd Street at the Fulton, read on!   This Thursday night is the next Teen Lounge session – and if you sold 50 apple dumplings – you are eligible to attend.  This is a conflict for anyone attending the state conference – but there are 7 more tickets remaining!

Stop by room 209 or send an email to Mrs. Mintzer to sign up. Workshop starts at 5:15, and then the show is at 7:30. You must provide your own transportation – but the tickets are FREE! First come, first serve basis.

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Candle Orders Now Due!

This is a reminder to all theatre students that candle fundraiser forms MUST be submitted before Thanksgiving break. Please bring them on Tuesday if possible, since there will not be club time on Wednesday. Please drop off forms to the main office or to Mrs. Mintzer’s classroom, 209. We must have the orders on time so that the products arrive in time for the holidays.

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Snow! Thurs, 11/15

Because of the early dismissal for inclement weather, all after school and evening activities have been cancelled.  This includes our “Dinner and a Show” senior citizen preview performance, and our yearbook photo. (Senior citizens can come to our shows on Friday & Saturday evening instead – if they have a Comet Classic Card, they will be admitted at no charge.)

We are working with the yearbook advisor to determine another possible time (Friday or Saturday) to reschedule the full group photo.

Friday morning will be our school assembly  – wear your Noises Off show shirt!  Dinner will be provided for all cast and crew members, so they can simply stay after school as we’ve been doing earlier this week.

Please use the extra time off tonight to contact friends and family – reminding them of our performances on Friday and Saturday, and sharing the online ticket website:  pennmanor.seatyourself.biz

Students should also use this time to get caught up on their assignments, and hopefully get to bed a bit earlier so they are well-rested for our busy weekend!

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SignUpGenius – Help & Donations Needed

Please visit EACH of the links posted below to sign up to support our theatre program.  

APPLE DUMPLING DAY – ingredients, pot luck dinner, and helpers needed   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f48a8ab2da75-fall

FALL PLAY CONCESSION STAND  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0949acab2aa57-concession

FALL PLAY DINNERS DURING TECH WEEK  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c4bacad2bab9-theater1 


FALL PLAY LOBBY HELPERS – ushers, rose sale and concessions stand workers, and cast party chaperones. Adults must be district-approved volunteers with clearances on file.   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f48a8ab2da75-noises

ONGOING STUDENT HELPERS NEEDED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f48a8ab2da75-thespian

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Fall Play Updates

Please be sure to *subscribe* to this blog to get emails delivered directly to your inbox every time we post an update to this site.   All previous subscriptions were lost during a software upgrade, unfortunately.

SHOW SHIRTS:  Order forms were placed in mailboxes for all cast/crew members.  No money is needed at this time, but we must place the order ASAP – so forms are due on Wednesday, Oct 24th by 3:00 pm at the latest.

SPONSORSHIPS:  Donations from individuals and organizations/businesses are always appreciate to support our theatre program!  There are opportunities from $5 to $250 – some levels include free tickets and advertising too!  Deadline for all content & advertisements: Nov 1st

TICKET SALES: All seats are reserved on a first-come basis – and ticket sales online are now live!  Order tickets at the link below – or by completing a ticket order form.  Shows are Nov 16-17 at 7:30 pm.


PDF forms are available on our Moodle site.  PM credentials are required to access them – this new blog software doesn’t read PDF documents.. we are working on a solution.  For now, students can access everything on Moodle.   PMHS – Departments/Student Life – PM Theatre 

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State Conference Deadlines -Today!

Today (11:59 pm) is the deadline for students to register for any of the following opportunities at the state conference:

Individual Events – performance or technical categories. You must complete a google form (www.pathespians.org) to designate who is participating, the category – as well as the show titles/song titles for all entries.

Juniors – Audition/present for college representatives:  Show your portfolio of technical theatre, or perform a song/monologue for exposure and feedback from college reps.  If you are considering a major/minor in the performing arts, this is an excellent opportunity to get your name out there, and to learn more about programs from across the state.  You must complete the registration process through Acceptd (and pay the registration fee ~$30) – before 11:59 pm tonight.  There is no limit to how many PM students may enter this process.

Seniors – Scholarships & Cash Awards:  Similar to the juniors process – these awards are available from PA Thespians for performers and technicians – but there is a LIMIT of 3 students in performance, and 3 students in tech for PM entrants!   In order to compete for a scholarship, you must be planning to major in theatre/performing arts.  Anyone is eligible to compete for a cash award ( and those who do not earn scholarships will also be considered for cash awards.) . You must complete the registration process through Acceptd (and pay the registration fee ~$30) before 11:59 pm tonight.  You must contact Mrs. Mintzer BEFORE registering, to make sure we have not already filled our 3-person quota!

EVERYONE:  If you are interested in going on the trip to the state conference, it is time to submit your registration form, and your registration fee payment. (At least 50% of your registration fee – $55 or $60, depending if inducted or not).   The original deadline to sign up to go was Sept 22nd – but we have extended it to this Thursday, October 4th.

  • Conference Costs:
  • Registration fee:  $120 (non-inducted) or $110 (Inducted Thespian). 50% due October 4th.  Remaining 50% due October 17th.
  • Hotel – 3 nights: $90 per student.  Deadline: November 1st
  • Bus – $15 per student.  Deadline: November 15th 
  • OPTIONAL additional fees:
  • IE’s – $15 per person
  • Acceptd – $30 – performance/tech. Juniors/Seniors.
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Crew Work Update

MARKETING Crew will have their first official meeting this week on Thursday (Sept 28) from 3-5 pm.   **ALL students involved in the production – and their parents- are encouraged to recruit sponsors for our program. Stop by room 209 to pick up a form, or read the instructions and download paperwork on our Moodle site.

MAKE UP Training will take place on Monday, October 1st.  This is for EVERYONE who has an interest in learning how to apply make up for the stage.  3-5 pm.

SOUND crew training and work will continue on Tuesday, October 2nd.  3-5 pm

LIGHT crew training and work will continue on Wednesday, October 3rd. 3-5 pm

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Teen Lounge @ Fulton – 9/27/18

Attention all theatre students: We have EIGHT TICKETS to go see the new show at the Fulton Theatre, “Treasure Island” and participate in their Teen Lounge program. The event will be on Thursday, September 27th. Any student in our Thespians club, or inducted Thespians is eligible to participate. You would need to provide your own transportation, but otherwise it is FREE. The Teen Lounge workshop begins at 5:15, and includes a ticket for the performance that starts at 7:30. If you want to be one of the “lucky eight” to be some of the first to see this show, you must stop by room 209 to see Mrs. Mintzer or contact her via email. First come, first serve.

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Noises Off – Sponsorships

PM Theatre is primarily a self-supporting program.  We need your help to contact local businesses, organizations, and community members to help support our program.

The document below is a letter and a sponsorship contract that details the levels of support and recognitions included at each level. AND, every sponsorship that a theatre student – or family member- collects receives 25% back in account credit to offset the cost of show shirts, field trips, etc!

Look at this math:

$25 sponsorship – includes a name in the program and TWO tickets.    If Mom & Dad come to the see the show, they’d spend $14 on tickets… and since the student gets 25% credit to their account, that’s another $6.25 “discount” – so a $25 sponsorship is a GREAT DEAL! It’s really about $5 more than you’d spend on tickets or show shirts already…  so everybody wins! 

Download PDF -Sponsorship Letter (coming soon!)
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Club update: Meeting on Friday this week!

With Picture Day on Wednesday, and the Real Life presentations this week – all Wed club meetings will now be held on Friday.  This week’s meeting is for those who are inducted Thespians.  (That means that you were inducted at our ceremony at the Breakfast with the Stars last spring or in the past.) . Inducted students who are not regular club members are invited to attend.  We will be discussing service projects for this year, trip to state conference, and other troupe business.  Non-inducted students should remain in homeroom.

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