ALL CALL – Help needed on Wed 7/24 and Thurs 7/25 (9-12)


Mrs. Shellenberger, Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mintzer met at PMHS this morning with Mr. Jones (the new HS principal) to discuss theatre for the upcoming school year – specifically, the fall play. We’ll post more very soon.

BUT – in order to really get ready for the new school year, we MUST make some serious progress on the costume situation! Right now, the priority is to assemble the eight new costume racks – and to get the items OUT of the plastic bags. (Fabric in a plastic bag + summer heat = Not a good combination)

There is significant rain in the forecast for today/tonight – so we’d really like to put out an ALL CALL for Wednesday and Thursday mornings (9-12) to get the bulk of the items out of the bags. And Mother Nature will be cooperating more this week – so morning temperatures will not be as extreme as last week.

We know that everyone has busy schedules and jobs, etc… but we are hoping that we can count on you and your family members to help us out. If you cannot make it to a morning session – would you please let us know if you could make it in the evening instead? (We want to schedule times when people can help – but avoid the midday sun) . AND – please grab a few bags to help us out by hanging out some of the items at home.

Bag “Grab and Go” can happen almost anytime!
But we have to get the stuff out of the bags ASAP – so please ALL HANDS ON DECK for Wed/Thurs if possible!

Please comment here, or send a text to Mrs. M or Mrs. S if you are available.

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Schedule for July 15-19

The schedule for next week is as follows – if you have questions, please reach out to Mrs. Shellenberger directly. (Mrs. Mintzer will be in Washington DC for Arts Advocacy Day and the EDTA Leadership Summit, representing PA Thespians)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – please do not arrive before 10:00 am
Thursday – no work. Mrs. Shellenberger is not available that day.
Friday – 9:00 – 12:00 only.

Please RSVP to Mrs. Shellenberger if and when she can expect you each day! There is still some work to be done in the pods, but you are still welcome to just pick up a bag to go through and wash/hang out in the sun.

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Work continues – a few reminders!

Please be sure to “RSVP” for days/times when you plan to come to help. It is helpful for Mrs. Shellenberger and Mrs. Mintzer to know when people can be expected. (Remember that we still have things we need to do for our own families and for our own summer fun.) So we might have some time to go to the grocery store – and we do also have some of our own appointments to juggle.

If it is a rainy day – we may not be able to work. The ground gets too muddy outside the storage area. So this week, Thursday work could be limited since there are storms in the forecast. Knowing who is expected to help at certain days/times will also help us contact them if plans have to be changed.

Please send a quick text to Mrs. Mintzer or Mrs. Shellenberger to check in. Right now, we know that we have multiple helpers coming on:
Wed morning and afternoon,
Thursday afternoon (after 1).
For Friday, we have only heard from one person for a two-hour window – so if you are available on Friday, please let us know (or we may cancel).

We do continue to need folks who can pick up bags to work on at home. For anyone who is busy during the daytime hours, or lives in the souther end of our district, Mrs. Mintzer can grab the bags for you each morning, and is willing to meet up or deliver the bags later in the day – just let her know what you are able to do and how many bags to grab for you.

Next week, Mrs. Mintzer will be out of town attending the EDTA Advocacy Days and Leadership Summit in Washington, DC – so Mrs. Shellenberger will need to be primary point of contact after Friday, July 12th.

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UPDATE: Monday, July 8th – WOW!

Thank you to the crew of helpers who showed up on Monday morning – we were able to load ALL of the bags into the trailer and other vehicles in record time! After just over an hour’s worth of time, everything was loaded and the caravan made its way to the Shellenberger farm. It was all unloaded and stored in the pods by about 11:00 – WOW!

This means that we need to revise our plan for the rest of the week. We still need plenty of help – but the work will be taking place at the Manorfield farm exclusively. If you need service hours for NHS or your graduation project, we can sign forms as needed. You will also log your time for Thespian hours and honors!

Mrs. Shellenberger will be home all week – and you are welcome to drop by anytime you’re available. The plan is to work between 9-5. Come when you can, leave when you must.

We have purchased several clothing racks that will be used in the pods – so we need to get the items out of the plastic bags, check the clothing for mending (tears, broken zippers) – and get it into the sunlight. ***We do still want folks to take items home to clean, check and hang outside – but you’ll need to pick up items at the farm now.** . Those racks are due to arrive today (Monday) – so we’ll start Tuesday morning with rack assembly.

Tues, Wed, Thurs – work at the farm/pods from 9-5. Friday – work at the farm/pods from 9-1.

Pick up of items to be laundered at home can be done anytime Mrs. Shellenberger is at home – reach out to her or Mrs. Mintzer to schedule a time in the evenings or outside of our normally scheduled work sessions.

THANK YOU for the help! We do still need more help – the longer process is just beginning! The more items we can sort, clean and organize – the better! We will try to sell items so that we can use those funds to rebuild also. Stay tuned for updates as work progresses – we’ll post info on the PM Theatre blog, Facebook page, and Google classroom. Please spread the word for anyone who is willing to join us!

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MAJOR UPDATE ENCLOSED – please read in its entirety!

We NEED your help! There is work that can be done at home with more flexibility, or you can work at PMHS or the Shellenberger farm as your schedule allows. But the time is NOW to pitch in! PLEASE!

Because of the need to do an extensive cleaning, the district staff went into the make up room and green room – and emptied both spaces. (Pictures enclosed). We were told that they would put all items in bags for us to go through, but they had to make some executive decisions about what needed to go to the dumpster directly. Our task now is to get the bagged items cleared and put into a storage container off-site. Our request to the district was to allow us to prevent as many items from going to a dumpster/landfill as possible – and have been in contact with several sources and schools – but the main priority was to have the spaces emptied before they are cleaned by an outside company starting on Monday, July 8th.

The custodial staff worked for 5 hours on Wed to bag up our stuff. On Friday, Mrs. Shellenberger, Mrs. Mintzer, Maddie Beatty, and Bernie & Janet Hershey loaded up the Hershey trailer with most of the items that were in boxes, along with 16 bags of costume/clothing.

Applause has made arrangements for two large “pod” storage containers – and they have been installed on the Shellenberger property. Moving, cleaning, sorting and organizing is the goal of our work now. Clothing racks have been purchased for hanging/sorting items inside the pods.

The items that were on hangers seem to be what is in the bags – and that is our top priority right now! We absolutely MUST have EVERYTHING removed from the auditorium prior to July 18th! We are in need of helpers to load vehicles and transport bags to the Shellenberger farm to be unloaded. We need manpower, but we also need some drivers and vehicles.

9-12. Load and unload bags between PMHS and Manorfield farm. Mrs. Mintzer will be at PMHS from 9-12, Mrs. Shellenberger will be at home, ready to supervise the deliveries and storage process.
1-5. Work will continue at the Shellenberger farm to sort & organize.

6-7. If you are willing to “adopt a bag” of clothing (or two, or three) – stop by PMHS to pick up items that you can review at home. Instructions enclosed.

9-12. Load & unload
1-5. Sort & organize . (just like Monday)
By appointment (call/text Mrs. M to “adopt a bag”)

By now, we hope that all of the items will be moved. The play for Thursday is to work at the farm from 9-5 (as your schedule allows) to continue to sort and organize items.

PMHS is closed, so we’ll work 9-1 at the farm.

WEEK OF JULY 15-19 – To be determined, based on what we can accomplish this coming week.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS- The air quality in the green room and make up room tested positive for mold spores. The clothing itself does not have mold – but it has been exposed to the spores. In order to kill those spores, the items need to be laundered (in a washing machine) or exposed to fresh air and sunlight for a short period of time. Since it is summertime, we are hoping that we can round up many volunteers to take a bag of clothing and hang the hangers on your washline or at your home where they can be exposed to sunlight!

-If the items in your bag can be washed safely in a washing machine, please do so. But many of the items we have are gowns or suits that should be dry cleaned only… so for those items, we recommend the air/sunlight method. If your bag has things like mens dress shirts or pants/skirts that can be put in the wash, we ask you to do that load of laundry. You will have to check each item – depending on the fabric, or the style, each item in your bag may have to be grouped… you may have a few items to wash and a few items to hang.

We would like to know who to expect, and when you you can be there. Mrs. Mintzer doesn’t want to sit at PMHS unnecessarily (if nobody is planning to come), and Mrs. Shellenberger would like to have an idea of when people can work as well.
*Please respond by commenting to this post with your day/time (or willingness to adopt a bag!) – or by sending an email to Mrs. Mintzer ( or by contacting us by call/text: Mrs. Mintzer . 717-371-2506, Mrs. Shellenberger 717-808-5933

PMHS – plan to enter by the bandroom or the orchestra room (new handicapped accessible entrance)
Shellenberger property – “Manorfield farm” – 1411 Prospect Rd (south of route 30, within PM district)

Back of Make up Room
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2019-20 Thespian Troupe #274 Officers

Thank you to all of the candidates who put themselves into the running – and now, the results have been tallied. Student votes account for 50%, Advisors – 25%, and a review of the applications/self-assessment surveys -25%. There were 2 ties in the tallying process – so we will have an officer slate of eight students next year – we’ll see everyone in club tomorrow!

Other than President & VP, the other responsibilities and job titles will be determined by the incoming leadership group together. Positions include: Secretary, Treasurer/Fundraising Chair (2), Historian/Social Media, Events Coordinator, and Points Clerk.

President – Ashley Seiger
VP – Sonja Mowery
Emily Witmertie
Amanda Wolftie
Damian Allman
Madelyn Harnish
Alex Dettertie
Marie Flinchbaughtie
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Breakfast With the Stars – Annual Theatre Banquet

Please be sure to RSVP to attend this year’s banquet on Sat, April 27th at Ascension Lutheran Church. Cost to attend is only $5/person. Senior students attend for free – but must still RSVP so that we have an accurate headcount.

Breakfast menu will include casseroles and other items. Donations for ingredients (and some helping hands to prepare and decorate on Friday night) are requested through this SignUp Genius:

Breakfast Coordinator: Ellen Herbert

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Nominations/Elections for Troupe Officers 2019-20

It is time for us to elect troupe officers for the next school year. In order to nominate someone, be nominated, or vote – you must be an inducted Thespian (or will be inducted this year.)

Everyone is welcome to attend the remaining club sessions for the remainder of this school year. Here is the timeline for upcoming events/elections:

April 10 – nominations gathered. Candidates must accept their nomination by Monday. Any additional nominations must be made – and accepted – by Monday as well.

April 17 – candidates will make some remarks about these three topics: 1) what makes them a good candidate for a troupe officer position, 2) what skills do they bring to the position, and 3) what is their long-term vision for next year’s troupe members. Thespian membership will cast their ballots in club.

Election results will be posted to the blog by Monday, April 22nd.

April 24 – We will gather ideas from the membership during club to gather ideas for next year’s activities.

Tuesday, April 30th – Officer-elects will meet with the current officer group during homeroom. (We meet in the make up room – Mrs. Mintzer will sign you out of homeroom on the tutoring google doc for HR teachers.)

May 1st – club meeting. Everyone welcome.

May 8th – Last club meeting for 2019-20. Everyone welcome.

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Freaky Friday – Sign Up Genius

Volunteers are still needed to help in the lobby during performances of our upcoming show. Please visit this website to claim whatever spot(s) fit your schedule. District policy requires all adult volunteers to be on the district-approved list – forms can be found on the district website.

Donations are also needed for the “theatre family dinners” during tech week, dress rehearsals and performance nights. Students in the cast, crew, and pit orchestra should plan to stay after school to prepare – and meals will be provided. But only if we are able to gather the necessary items. If everyone can pitch in a little bit, we’ll be able to take care of everyone!

This is the link for donating items that will be sold at the concession stand.

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Thespian Festival – Nebraska, anyone?

It is time to plan for our summer trip to the International Thespian Festival for 2019! This is the 90th anniversary of Thespians, and the last year that the festival will be held in Nebraska – so this is a big year with lots of exciting plans! Check out this website:

When: Monday, June 24th through Saturday, June 29th (although we will likely schedule flights to travel Sunday-Sunday, June 23-30)

Where: University of Nebraska in the city of Lincoln. It is Johnny Carson’s alma mater, and they have 5 theatre spaces… it is the Big 10 university campus.

Cost: Registration covers all activities, food and lodging for the festival – $840 for inducted Thespians. $870 for non-inducted Thespians. Lodging will be in the dormitories (2/room) and meals are provided in campus dining halls.

Why: Delegates spend a very busy week immersed in theatre training that is unmatched! * attend multiple workshops every day, which are taught by theatre professionals from all across the country – college professors, performers, producers, and those who work in Hollywood, Broadway and Disney. *attend mainstage productions every day – these shows have been adjudicated and have received Superior ratings. Only 11 shows nationwide are selected each year! *present IE’s at the next level – after earning a Superior at the state conference. Delegates may attend these presentations and performances as audience members – which is a valuable experience if you are considering an IE for next year . *audition for college representatives – students completing their junior year are welcome to participate in the college audition process. One short audition (or portfolio presentation for technical theatre), but is viewed by over 40 college programs simultaneously! *Graduated seniors may compete for scholarship money – based on your performance audition or technical portfolio

Mrs. Mintzer and Mrs. Shellenberger have attended for several years. Mr. Matusek attended for the first time in 2018 – ask any of us questions if you are considering if you should attend.

Registration nation-wide opens on February 1st – so if you are planning to go this summer, you must contact Mrs. Mintzer (and she will want to speak/meet with your parents) before January 25th.

Seating for the mainstage performances is based on the order in which a troupe registers and pays for their festival attendance. Last year, the festival sold out (over 5000+) almost a month before the registration deadline – and over 110 troupes were turned away. Penn Manor WILL be registering on February 1st – so it is time to get details in order to finalize thi summer’s trip!

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