Congratulations to Alex Detter and Sara Hollinger for placing 3rd in Forensics Challenge. This 3rd place  finish qualifies them to participate in the national competition in Nashville, Tennessee. The event will occur June 28 to July 2. Good luck Alex and Sara. Read more about the national conference click here.





Congratulations to all the members for a job well done at the 2016 Region 2 Competition held at Conestoga Valley Middle School this past Saturday. Several members qualified for state competition events. All did a great job participating and gave it their all. Here are the results.

CAD Foundations            3rd     Hannah Smith

Dragster Design               2nd     Jordan Stum

5th      Samuel Rouse

11th      Wes Kendig

Forensic Technology       2nd     Sara Hollinger/Miaya Groff

Problem Solving               3rd    Sara Hollinger/Samuel Rouse

Website Design                 3rd     Hannah Smith/Miaya Groff

The Regional competition is just around the corner, Sat. Feb 6. To assist the students and allowing them more time to work, I have changed the number on mtg dates to twice a week from now till Feb. 6. If they work for you and your son/daughter great, if they don’t work that is fine also. They are as follows:

1/8  Fri

1/11  Mon

1/13  Wed

1/20  Wed

1/22  Fri

1/25  Mon

1/27  Wed

The changes were made because of the holidays, early dismissals and inservice days. More to come regarding member dress code for the event, arrival times and expectations of the competition.

2015 TSA Christmas Food Drive

The 2015 Southern End Strutters and Marticville TSA Christmas Food Drive was a HUGE success. A HUGE thank you to the entire Marticville student body, teachers, staff and the TSA members for their generous contributions and hard work.

TSA members gathered, counted and sorted all of the canned goods for the three weeks leading up to Christmas. We collected enough food to pack 35 complete meals for needy families in the southern end of Lancaster County and especially of the Penn Manor School District. Each meal included: turkey, stuffing, gravy, 20 lbs potatoes, corn, green beans, yams, cranberries, loaf of bread and a pie. Extra donations will be donated to the Loft at Millersville Brethern In Christ Church which provided needed food and clothing to Penn Manor families in need.

This year we tried to get everyone involved. Mr. Baer’s class used it as a classroom lesson. They were in charge of distributing several large 50 lbs bags of potatoes into smaller 20 lbs individual bags. They weight each large bag to see if the weight was accurate. Then they divided them up into smaller bags and weight them for accuracy.

Here is a short list of some of our tremendous community members donating to our cause. They are: Four hundred pounds of potatoes were donated by Mr. Ron Metzler of Metzler Farms. Musser Markets donated 15 frozen turkeys. Darrenkamps Markets and Weis Markets donated gift certificate to be used for any needed supplies. Significant money contributions were provided by White Rose Settlement Services, Tierra Graver Real Estate office, Evans family members, SES members and Marticville teachers and staff.

2015-2016 TSA Members

2015-2016 TSA Members

Mr. Baer's Math savvy students.

Mr. Baer’s Math savvy students.


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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Students, faculty and TSA members participated in a food drive for our community.  This year is was a HUGE success.  Thank you Marticville Family!

Check out their hard work.  Read More

2015-2016 TSA Members

2015-2016 TSA Members

Christmas Cheesecake orders are due Fri 12/11. Cheesecakes will be delivered on Thurs 12/17. If you supported the TSA chapter by ordering a cheesecake, please remember you payment is due next week.

TSA members are currently running a food drive collecting canned goods for Christmas meals. Meals will be distributed to families in the Marticville area of the Penn Manor School District.