Brown Envelope & Reading Challenge

Be sure to look in your child’s brown envelope that was sent home yesterday. It included their report card (with assessments), 1st-grade teacher’s name, a comparison photo from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, and a Summer Reading Challenge! Are you ready to tackle the challenge? Tye dye shirts, ice cream trucks, bowling, Sky Zone, Custom backpacks and sports bags, creating art, frisbees, and water bottles are just a few of the prizes over the years that students have earned for reading and writing over the summer months. This year’s theme is reading through the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet will require you to complete a reading or writing activity based on that letter. Each activity may only take 15 minutes to complete. Take a few minutes each day to complete the Summer Challenge!

A special prize will be waiting for you . . .

Have a wonderful summer!