3/10/23 Early Dismissal, AM-K 9-1:30, PM-K No School

An early dismissal day is fast approaching! AM Kindergartners will have school on Friday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. (Please Note: Student Arrival begins at 8:45 if being dropped off and dismissal begins at 1:25 if being picked up.)  This also means that PM Kindergarten students will NOT have school.

Your child will ride the bus to school in the morning and home from school at dismissal. If you plan to pick your child up from school, please be sure to send me an email, send a note to the school, or fill out the pick-up form on the website so we are aware of the change. Students are dropped off and picked up from the side of the building on early dismissal days. Kindergartners will eat lunch at school.  Lunch costs $2.35.  If your child would like to pack a lunch and buy milk, the cost is $.60 for milk.  Below are the choices for lunch.  

A lunch: Personal Pizza
C lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly
D lunch: Yogurt and String Cheese
All lunch choices also come with the following: Assorted Fruits, Veggies, Sidekick Fruit Slush, Choice of Milk

Picture of a school lunch on a tray