Beach Day is on Friday, May 27th. This is a totally FUN day with reading, writing, and math done in a beach-themed way. The day would not be complete without a beach-like atmosphere too! The kids should wear their bathing suits under their clothes to school on this day. They will also need a towel and sunscreen (please apply the sunscreen prior to school). Sunglasses are also welcome! 🙂 We need some volunteers to help at the stations. If you are able to help with stations, please sign-up below. (We need at least 4 parent helpers to make this day happen but the more the merrier! As always, you must be an approved volunteer to help. Thank you in advance for volunteering your time!) AM-K is from 9:00-11:25 and PM-K is from 1:00-3:25. We will start inside with a craft and then go outside for 3 stations. We will end our time outside with a frozen treat and then go back inside for a writing activity. There will be no rain date. The activities will happen indoors if there is inclement weather. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Scholastic Book Fair

Our class is signed up to visit the Book Fair on Monday (5/16/22) for both AM-K and PM-K.  If you would like your child to purchase books or anything else from the Book Fair (pencils, erasers, posters, etc.), please send money to school in an envelope for him or her to do so.  Please indicate if you only want your child to use the money for books and do not want your child to spend money on the “extras.”  Thank you for your help!

Everything will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

We have TWO WINNERS! Lancaster Newspaper Student Journalism Contest


This year, our kindergarten class participated in the Lancaster Newspaper Student Journalism Contest.  Today, I received a letter in the mail stating that TWO of our students were chosen as winners.  Congratulations are in order for Laiken Harnish and Ryan Sensenig!  Both of them were chosen as first-place winners and received a special certificate and a $20 cash award! In addition, their picture and drawing will be published in the newspaper! A special section will be in the Lancaster Newspaper on Tuesday, March 24th.  Be sure to check it out!  Laiken and Ryan’s illustrations, as well as all of the other winners and a few additional drawings, will be in the newspaper. I am SO proud of both of them and all of the students’ drawings this year! Well done Kindergarten!

Laiken Harnish with her drawing, certificate, and $20!
Ryan Sensenig with his drawing, certificate, and $20!

5/13 Early Dismissal, AM-K 9-1:30, PM-K No School

An early dismissal day is fast approaching! AM Kindergartners will have school on Friday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. (Please Note: Student Arrival begins at 8:45 if being dropped off and dismissal begins at 1:25 if being picked up.)  This also means that PM Kindergarten students will NOT have school.

Your child will ride the bus to school in the morning and home from school at dismissal.  If you plan to pick your child up from school, please be sure to send me an email, send a note to the school, or fill out the pick-up form on the blog so we are aware of the change. Kindergartners will eat lunch at school.  Lunch costs $2.35 but is currently FREE for ALL students.  If your child would like to pack a lunch and buy milk, the cost is $.60 for milk – this is not free as a single purchase.  Below are the choices for lunch.  We have limited the selections this year to help get the students through the lunch line in a timely manner.  

A lunch: French Bread Pizza
C lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly
D lunch: Yogurt and String Cheese
S lunch: Salad
All lunch choices also come with the following: Assorted Fruits & Veggies, Choice of Milk

Picture of a school lunch on a tray

Carnival for a Cause

6th-grade students are hosting a Carnival for a Cause during lunch recess for all students. Kindergarten is invited to participate as well but since they are not here for lunch recess we will have an altered time to participate. AM-K will go TOMORROW (May 10th) and PM-K will go WEDNESDAY (May 11th). Students are asked to bring quarters to school if they would like to play the games. All money will be donated to Water for South Sudan.