Chorus on Monday Morning!

The first Chorus rehearsal is on Monday morning at 8:00am. Students should wait in the vestibule until Mr. Dutton lets them in the door. Students should also have brought in their permission slip if they would like to participate! Parent permission is required.

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What a BEAUTIFUL Day for an Outdoor Read Aloud!

Over the last several weeks the students have been enjoying Mrs. Moyer reading aloud the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio which we finished yesterday. Today, they got a special look at Auggie’s world through the eyes of Julian, the bully in the book Auggie & Me. What a beautiful day to take read aloud outdoors!

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Math Fun

Today, in Math class students practiced Prime Factorization by creating factor trees using sticky notes and toothpicks. The students did an amazing job and had a blast!

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Ch. 1 Math Test

Friday students have a Ch. 1 Math test. Students have received or will receive a practice test. Also there is Math Help! links on our website to help them study!

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5th Grade Rope Climbers

5th graders are learning about plot and story elements. We read a story called “Rope Burn”. In this story, a boy moves to a new school and is expected to climb the rope during Gym class. He is afraid he will be humiliated because he doesn’t know how. A new friend offers to teach him using his tree house! We offered the students an opportunity to step into the character’s shoes to see how he might have felt while climbing the rope!

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Mrs. Moyer–Math Quiz

If your student has Mrs. Moyer for Math, they have a quiz tomorrow on the first few sections of the math book. They received review homework to help them prepare. See the “Math Help!” page on our blog for videos, etc. to help them prepare!

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Remind Program

Mrs. Beighley and Mrs. Moyer HIGHLY encourage you to join your “homeroom teacher’s” Remind program. This is something we use to send text alerts about tests, events, and other important announcements. It is VERY easy to join!

From your phone, send a text:

In the “number” box type 81010

In the message box type
@dbeig (for Mrs. Beighley’s homeroom)
@mrsmoyer5 (for Mrs. Moyer’s homeroom)

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Vocab and Spelling Quizzes

On Friday, we will have our first Spelling Quiz along with a Vocab Quiz. If students do not have their vocab or spelling lists at home, there is an easy place to find all that you need.

On the 5th grade Moodle site, all of the vocab lists (through Quizlet) and Spelling lists (through Spelling City) are linked. Students are aware of how to get there. Parents can get there from the blog “Helpful Links” page. There are even study options on these pages!

Spelling homework and our Vocab Slide activities are also due on Friday!

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Crazy Sock Day! Friday, Sept. 6th

Let’s “kick” this year off right with crazy socks! The sillier the better 😆 Participation is always optional.

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5th Grade is 1 to 1!

Parents–as you know, 5th graders each have their very own Chrome Book this year! What a great piece of technology for us to utilize in the classroom! We will definitely use it on a regular, daily basis, so please help your student remember to bring it back to school each day.
Many students like to use ear-buds or head phones when they are using their computers at school. There are many opportunities for us to use tutoring videos in math, listen to things read aloud on the computer, etc. If you would like to send in a LABELED pair of ear-buds or head phones for your student to use in the classroom this would be very helpful!

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