Hall of Fame for Marking Period 1

On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19th, we will be celebrating our first marking period Hall of Fame. We will have a special activity in the gym for any 5th grade student who has been demonstrating ROCKSTAR behavior traits throughout the marking period. In order to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame, students must submit a majority of their homework assignments completed and on time. They must exhibit good behavior in class and throughout the school. We keep track of behavior and assignments each week and award students their “weekly check-mark” if they have missed no more that 2 assignments in one week.

For our 1st marking period celebration we will be signing-out the gym for a “Game Day”. We will also be taking down the climbing ropes for any student interested in trying to climb them. We read a story early on in the year from our reading books about a student who enters a new school and has to climb the rope for a physical fitness test in gym. A new friend helps to teach the boy how to climb the rope and encourages him throughout the story. 5th graders are always anxious to try their hands (and feet!) at climbing a rope on their own. This activity is obviously optional, but we will take any necessary safety precautions to make sure that the students are able to attempt this in a safe manner.

Students are welcome to bring in their own board games from home to play with their friends during this time!

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