Reader’s theaters and Pink Out!

It was a busy week! Second graders performed readers theaters for their first grade teachers and students. We have been working hard on Place value to 1,000. We ended the week showing our PINK support in the fight against cancer. Next week we will wrap up place value with a chapter test.

Monday, 10/14 NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 10/15   Cycle A  Music  
Wednesday  10/16   Cycle B Physical education
Thursday, 10/17   Cycle Day C  Art
Friday, 10/18   Library Instruction + Book exchange
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Book Exchange tomorrow

Second grade is busy with our new chapter on Place Value in math. We are also practicing a readers theater and are excited to perform for first graders next week!

Monday, Oct. 7   Cycle Day D Library Instruction + Book exchange  
Tuesday Oct. 8   Cycle A  Music    
Wednesday Oct. 9   Cycle B Physical education 👟 
Thursday, Oct. 10   Cycle Day C  Art
Friday, Oct. 11 PINK OUT!! Wear PINK to support the fight against breast cancer   + Library Instruction
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Sneakers tomorrow!

Here is our schedule for the week:

Monday, Sept. 23   Cycle B Physical education 👟
Tuesday, Sept. 24   Cycle C Art    
Wednesday, Sept. 25 Math Test+ Library Instruction + Book exchange 📘
Thursday, Sept. 26 **School spirit day~ wear Letort or PM shirt +Music
Friday, Sept. 27 **Spelling Test +**1:30 early dismissal + Physical education 👟
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Welcome Hamburgers!

Yes, our newest butterfly is named Hamburgers! LOL 🤣Thanks to Brooke for the name and the laugh! Safe travels south Hamburgers!! We hope you “ketchup” to Lacey ! We “relished” the time with you today! 😉

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Welcome to the World Lacey!!

Our first butterfly emerged today!! Students submitted names into a drawing and the first name pulled was “Lacey” submitted by Gloria. Lacey was VERY friendly and walked on every willing hand!! Good Luck to you Lacey in your migration south!! We will miss you!

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Next week…

Second graders had a great week!! They continue to earn buckets slips and earn letters toward the next class reward. We read a lot of Frog and Toad stories and learned about Dolphins. We also practiced spelling in shaving cream (pics below) and had our second spelling test. In math, we are adding AND subtracting using all of our strategies learned: counting on/back on a number line or with touch points/ mental math with making 10s /doubles and near doubles.

Monday, Sept. 16 ~ Music    
Tuesday, Sept. 17 ~ Physical education   👟
Wednesday, Sept. 18 ~  Art
Thursday, Sept. 19 ~ Library Instruction (no BE)
Friday, Sept. 20 ~ Spelling test +  Music

Looking ahead…

Thurs. 9/26 ~ Letort/PM school spirit day: wear Penn Manor or Letort shirt

Friday 9/27~ 1:30 Early dismissal

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Dolphin Day!

Second grade was reading, writing, drawing and EATING dolphins today! 🐬

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What a Chrysalis week!!

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news…we have 7 beautiful chrysalises and 2 caterpillars left. 🐛🐛We were lucky enough to even watch a few of them form their chrysalis! Students observed the caterpillars eating and molting all week and recorded observations in journals. (see pictures below)

In math, we worked on memorizing doubles facts and then adding NEAR doubles using mental math. We also “made 10s” which will enable us for even more mental math this week with adding 3 addends. We will also review fact families and start subtraction.

Spelling has 1 more week on reviewing short vowel words. Spelling lists are 15 words and tests are most Fridays.

In reading, we will have new reading books on Monday and Tuesday coming home and a new story of the week on Wednesday in the Story town.

Our schedule AND PICTURES from the week are below…

Monday, Sept. 9 ~ Library Instruction only
Tuesday, Sept. 10 ~Music 
Wednesday, Sept. 11 ~ Physical education 👟
Thursday, Sept. 12~ Art
Friday, Sept. 13 ~ **Spelling test+ Library Instruction +BOOK EXCHANGE
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Crazy Sock Day!

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Happy Labor Day!

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing family time this weekend! 😎🔆🍔🌭

Thank you SO much to all the families that were able to stop in for Meet the Teacher night! I truly loved meeting each of you. I know how busy evenings are and I appreciate that so many were able to stop by to see the room and meet me.

Second graders are busy here at school earning bucket slips! Many reached the goal of 10 and chose from the prize box or a class coupon. All students will reach the goal once they earn 10 buckets slips. We also were busy adding by “counting on” with number lines or touch points. In reading, we started guided reading groups. Look for a reading book to come home Tuesday and our Storytown book to come home Wednesday. The first spelling test is this Friday. In science, we are continuing with ocean animals this week but doubling up on science topics with another animal group…SH! It’s a surprise but we will have some visitors in our room. Here are some hints…They do NOT live in the ocean, they live on land. They hatch from eggs. They are very hungry and they will be changing a lot over the next few weeks! 😉

Here is our schedule this week!

Monday, Sept. 2   No school Happy Labor Day!
Tuesday, Sept. 3 Library Instruction + getting books!
Wednesday, Sept. 4 Music
Thursday, Sept. 5 Physical education ~ 👟
Friday, Sept. 6 School spirit day: Kick off the new year with CRAZY SOCKS!  🧦 + Spelling test
We LOVE recess!
Love these pictures Lily!!
Did you see our Octopus with MANY short vowel words?
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