Calling all STATES!

Each day this week, students may bring a state quarter. We will be marking off each state on a map to see how many can be represented! Hmmm…maybe we’ll tally them also to see which states get represented the most! πŸ§πŸ€‘ Students only need to bring it in to be tallied and then they may take their quarter(s) back home. Have fun investigating money at home!! 😊

Reminder…sneakers and library books due today!

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Phys.Ed+ BE onTuesday

Monday, Feb. 18   NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, Feb. 19   Physical education + Book exchange
Wednesday, Feb. 20   Cycle Day   A Music
Thursday, Feb. 21   Cycle Day B Applied Engineering     
Friday, Feb. 22 **Career Day! Dress as a grown up job!! Art+ Spelling test
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Break My Heart and Cupid’s Arrows

Here are a few highlights from this week…

Valentine’s Day was full of smiles, candy but even better…gratitude! “Thank you___!” was heard 26x times 26. My heart was full seeing them open and appreciate each and every Valentine. Then, they played a little game called Cupid’s Arrows and took aim at heart targets.

In math, each student had a turn to BREAK MY HEART!! (I was very dramatic about it LOL!) They each broke open a cup on my heart poster and pulled out a coin combination. Then they chose friends to “be the coins” and counted up their card amount. It was topped off by choosing a prize!

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2 hour delay

The temps have dropped since the roads were first checked this am and now they are slick!! Penn Manor will be operating on a two-hour delay on Wednesday, February 13th.Β  The Letort office will open one hour late.Β  Please see below if you have a Kindergartner at Letort:

Two Hour Delay: (modified kindergarten) Students will be picked up two hours later than their normal bus pick-up time. Morning kindergarten students will then stay until 12:45 and be dismissed at that time. Afternoon kindergarten will begin at 1:45 and then be dismissed at 3:30 PM as usual.

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Show Me the Money!!πŸ’°

Money lessons AT HOME! The snow days are delaying the start of one of my favorite math chapters…MONEY! We will jump right into multi 3 coin counting! But, I also like to teach the kids about the coins…who and what is on the coin? It ties in perfectly with President’s Day coming up as well!

So….here’s some home math …if you choose to accept πŸ˜‰ Bring in 1 of each coin! In a baggy bring a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter! (half dollar if you have one) Challenge #2… name the presidents on each coin. Please write down the names on piece of paper. You can also find and share any fun fact about a coin. I love those fun facts!

These are all optional, but to recap, children may do the following to earn up to 3 gold tickets at the start of tomorrow:

1) Bring in a baggy with 4 coins

2) Bring a paper with the names of the coin presidents

3) Weekend reading title with parent initials (as always weekend reading earns a ticket)

FYI- there will be REAL coins available for any students who are not able or forget coins from home so don’t sweat this optional homework. Looking forward to seeing the kids… and all that money tomorrow!!! πŸ’°β€

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Love is in the Air!! or snow?? ;)

It’s Valentine’s week! The excitement is building for Thursday. Valentines may come in starting tomorrow. If you need Valentines, we have some for kids! Just send an email or ask your child to ask me and he/she can make some at school. Here is our schedule this week…

Monday, Feb. 11   Cycle A  Music    
Tuesday, Feb. 12   Snow day?? LOL πŸ™‚ We’ll see!! Applied Engineering       
Wednesday, Feb. 13   Cycle Day C  Art (if we miss school…specials get bumped to the next day…so Wednesday would become cycle B)
Thursday, Feb. 14 **Valentine’s Day Party WEAR red or pink or BOTH! Β  + Phys. Ed
Friday, Feb. 15   Cycle Day  A  Music
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February highlights

Here are some pictures from this week and last I had not posted yet. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Freaky Friday!! Students dressed as adults! Mr. Rohm and I were dressed like teenagers πŸ™‚
100″ snakes from the 100th Day in school can be found slithering down the car rider hallway!
We designed very imaginative burrows and wrote about the life a groundhog.would live there.
After our Hot Chocolate reward, we designed our own mugs and made a COZY door.
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Well, the groundhog may not have seen his shadow but we did today!! We traced AM shadows and PM shadows. Ask what we learned about shadows? Why do we have nighttime? Why is the AM shadow longer??

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PJs today!

Today is a class reward day~ pajama day! Kids may also bring in slippers. πŸ™‚

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Day 100 math

We spent math all on Day 100 themed activities. We counted $100 and 100 cents. We made 100″ snakes. We made a 100 things class book and we did 100 exercises! We even shared 400 pieces of snack.

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