Welcome to Second Grade!!

 🐟Dive Into Second Grade!!

I hope your summer has been relaxing and fun.  I can’t wait to see all of you! There will be a lot of fun activities to look forward to in second grade starting with an ocean unit for some under the sea fun! The first day of school is Wednesday August 21st.

Letort is having a Welcome Back Letort celebration next Friday, August 16!! Stop by if you can to see ALL the teachers and enjoy a Popsicle at 11:30 or water balloons at 10:45. (weather permitting)

Summer Show-n-Tell! Please bring a picture, souvenir, toy, t shirt, or a book you read to share from your summer break on the first 2 days of school. I’m looking forward to learning about each of you!

The Peart Post! If you are reading this, you are ON my Blog! Yeah!! My Blog has weekly updates on all our hard work, monthly schedule for our specials, student photos of projects we do, dates for reading and math tests with links for home practice, and much more! You can opt out anytime. You can add more subscribers/emails anytime! (The more the merrier I always say!) The best way to contact me is through email. I will respond quickly and we can even set up a phone call time if needed. Please don’t hesitate to email any questions you have!

Email~ Megan.peart@pennmanor.net Blog sign up: http://blogs.pennmanor.net/mpeart/

👩‍🏫Wednesday August 28 4:00-6:00 is Meet the Teacher. We have moved this date up to the second week of school so parents can come check out the classroom. I hope to meet parents and the whole family then! It is a drop in format so come when you can!

Fyi…The summer reading party is then held RIGHT AFTER MEET THE TEACHER from 5:30-7:30 at Millersville swim club. I will be there too!! J Kids that turned in summer reading calendars may attend. Details will sent home to those students that turned in calendars.  

                     SECOND GRADE SUPPLY LIST                                                                             

The school provides all the students with what they need, however, most students enjoy having their own stash of supplies!! Here are some items students will be glad they had:

  • Backpack large enough to hold folders, reading textbbok and library books
  • Pencil box or bag big enough to hold glue sticks, crayons and scissors
  • 2+glue sticks
  • Colored pencils
  • Expo dry erase markers and eraser
  • Pencils (wood or mechanical)
  • Thin (cheap) 8×10” notebook with lines (either a notebook or composition book that is @10 in. length- no mini notebooks) It can have fun designs/characters on it or plain!  Again, I have enough for the class but the kids LOVE having their own notebook and I think it will inspire more creative writing.

Not recommended items… markers (they bleed through papers and stain desks). Also, I will give all students a homework folder. The kids will all need to use the one I provide for homework to help with developing a homework routine. So, there is no need for a personal folder unless you want to use it at home to save special papers/work from school. Thank you!

Other reminders:

All students will need sneakers with laces or velcro for every physical education class which is cycle day B…the second day of school J

Water bottles are allowed in class (but kept in cubbies)

Money sent into school should always come in an envelope or baggie with student’s name and class. Lunch account money can be cash or check given to me to be sent to cafe or done online.

First Day Checklist: Wednesday August 21st

___ smile 😀

___packed lunch or lunch money

___ know your bus #

___ pencil box or supplies bag and a writing notebook (I will have plenty of school supplies here.)

___ personal desk supplies (optional items listed above)

___ summer sharing item(s) for show n tell

___ **sneakers or sandals for playground fun (no flip flops) **Also, Phys. Ed. is every day B

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2 Responses to Welcome to Second Grade!!

  1. Kelly Reppert says:

    Noah is really looking forward to second grade!
    His sister Grace had you and absolutely loved you and your class, so he is really excited!

    • mpeart says:

      YES!! I adored having Grace and we are still very close. We are boot twins! I am VERY much looking forward to having Noah. Thank you for your nice message. 🙂

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