Early Spring!

The groundhog did NOT see his shadow so an early spring is on the way! We made a picture graph and predicted that would happen! Way to go second graders! On Monday we will learn more about groundhogs and design burrows. We are also watching the Eagle Cam closely each day to observe 2 eagles in Florida with 2 eggs due to hatch in March. We made our own Eagles (pictured above) as well as our own Liberty Bells as part of our social studies unit on American Symbols. Here’s our schedule for this week:

Monday, Feb. 3   Applied engineering    
Tuesday, Feb. 4   Art  
Wednesday, Feb. 5   Cycle Day D Physical education + Book exchange
Thursday, Feb. 6 Music
Friday, Feb. 7 1:30 Dismissal   Applied Engineering
+ 3:00- 5:00 Minithon family event $5 PMHS : food/ inflatables/ games
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