2 more Google Meets

Hello!!Thank you ALL for your attendance in last week’s Google Meets…I saw every student from our class!! 🤗
I have sent invites to 2 Google meets on Thursday…I’d love to see those cute faces at either…or both!The 11:00 am show n tell is a Book Talk. 📑Please show n Tell a book that you have read. Tell the title and tell us about it (if it is fiction, the main idea or 2 fun facts if it is nonfiction).

Join with Google Meetmeet.google.com/msg-kmpw-eyc

The afternoon at 2:00 is a measurement Show n Tell. Please show something from your house that is ABOUT 1 foot…12 inches.📏 

Join with Google Meetmeet.google.com/qxs-gorm-ahi

Both are optional attendance. I just want to continue to connect with my sweet kiddos and show how much I care about what they are reading and measuring this week!!Hope to “SEE” you Thursday!


Megan Peart

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