Good news!! Newest research says EVERYONE can be a math person! In fact, your brain grows new synapses even when you make a math mistake! So, keep trying …grow that beautiful brain 🧠and have fun! 🤗

Below are links to each chapter. Each chapter is exciting and different so check back here every month. There’s important vocabulary to know and PBL (project based learning) activities. There are also STEM activities for all those builders out there!

Quick Links:➕➖ Flashcard Fact Fun


STEM– science, technology, engineering and math activities all rolled into one! These are some activities we’ll do in the classroom but can also be done at home.

💡 Daily STEM Boxes

🎈 Parachutes

🌾Corn Cultivator

🍎Apple Towers:

🎁Identity Boxes

What is STEM??…info for parents

Chapter 1: Apply Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20

Strategies?? What are all these strategies we hear about?

Chapter 2: Number Patterns

Chapter 3: Add 2 digit numbers

2 digit addition is learned through traditional regrouping but also by “breaking apart” numbers to build number sense for students. What does that mean? Check this out!

Chapter 4: Subtract 2 digit numbers

Chapter 5: Place Value to 1,000

Chapter 6: Add Three-digit numbers

Chapter 7: Subtract three-digit numbers

Chapter 8: Money

Chapter 9: Data Analysis

Chapter 10: Time

Chapter 11: Customary and Metric Lengths

Chapter 12: Geometric Shapes and Equal Shapes