Important Reminders and Notes!

***Valentine’s Day exchange tomorrow! Please add Dorian London to your lists, as he was inadvertently left off the list that was sent home! So sorry, Dorian!
***Spelling test tomorrow, Lesson 19! Some students are still struggling with these words! Please review with your child this evening. While reviewing, please use the words in sentences as there are plurals, singular possessives, and plural possessives. These can be confusing. For example, students need to differentiate between baby’s (one baby has something) and babies’ (more than one baby has something). There are several like this on the test and the words will not be given in the same order as listed on the take-home list. Thanks for your support with this!
***Please check your child’s Friday Folder tomorrow for a paper informing you about the upcoming Human Growth and Development lessons that will be taught by our school nurse and one of the district PE teachers. There is nothing to return. It is just information about the lessons.
***Next Friday, February 21 is Career Awareness Day. Students are asked to dress in clothing that represents a job/career they may be interested in pursuing.

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