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Our First Poems are Posted!

The time has finally arrived for you to plunk yourself down in a comfortable chair with your laptop and a cup of hot coffee by your side.  Be sure to allow yourself enough time to thoroughly enjoy these first poetic offerings–list poems–written not to tell a story, so much, or convey emotions, or to jangle the coins of sound, but written, instead, to better express a list of ideas, thoughts, images or feelings that are connected in some way. There will be more to come, but for now, get comfy and enjoy!

Mrs. Saylor and her Creative Writing students

Creative Writing students have been writing!

Dear Visitors,

My Creative Writing students have been working on a number of different pieces, and soon this group of highly creative young writers will be able to have their work posted on this blog for the world to see!  Most seem excited about having their finished products published using this brand new method, and frankly, my emotions are running high as well.  Each year I renew my commitment to providing an outlet for my students’ writing to reach an audience beyond the classroom, but with the use  of this blog, they will be able to write for an audience far beyond the confines of building and our district.  Despite the relentless attachment of the writer to paper and and its sluggish pace for publication,  this electronic medium releases the writers’ words to the world in an instant.  When these students publish on this blog, they will be, in effect, inviting the world to an international grand opening of this web-based gallery, a place where their fine pieces of writing can be savored, pondered, and appreciated by an audience far broader than any previously used printed form ever could.

It will be a few weeks before any of the pieces of writing appear, and while I hate to make you wait, I am certain that the anticipation you undoubtedly feel will give way soon enough to satisfaction when the poems are ready for your perusal.  Keep checking back, and one day you’ll be rewarded with a basket of fresh-picked poetic delights.  We can’t wait to surprise you with them!

Thank you for stopping by.

Maryann Saylor