Ally Emmert

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  List Poem ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


October 31st: by A.J.Emmert.

As the full moon hovers upon the threadless black blanket,
Flawlessly; the luminous light of our universes’ creations dazzled over us forming our personal dark mimes;
The silhouette of something mutant prowled in the distance,
Stealthily creeping;

Not so opaque ghosts began to roam the lifeless ambiance amid the hush.
Vampires of violet and noir, thirstily plodding to my neighbors doorstep;
My heart: a metronome, losing tempo.
Dismay, a maggot inching morbidly across the zombie’s façade.
Shweep; shweep.
The twigged broom of the sinister witch skidded the sidewalk; nails on a chalkboard;

Turning off the lights, maybe they can’t see me.
Feeling the fangs on the nape of my neck,
A sundry of feeling enveloping my body: anxiety, distress, horror.
Perplexity of such bewilderment seeming only fiction.

The guise of a mummy trotted past my window,
It’s exterior fluttering behind it.
Metal chafing together in an audible rhythm,
Jigsaw’s tricycle, can you hear it?

My thoughts diverted to the salty liquid formed in my mouth,
Biting the inside of my cheek: a nervous habit.
The shriek of a goblin flooded my ears,
The wail of a ghoul,
Growl of the werewolf.

“ding dong”
a third time,

Patters on my porch,
The shadow of a pitchfork shot past my feet,
They were here for me, no escape now;
Demons, enchanters, ogres, villains of all monstrosities filed along the contour of my driveway.

Muffled voices.
“Want to eat!”?
“I want some meat”?
“Smell my feet?”
-Inaudible whispers

Five more drawn out seconds passed, feeling faint with adrenaline;
They slowly tampered about this way and that,
I meandered my way to the portal peeking into my disbelief;

Only a strip of toilet paper, one orange M&M, (maybe a Skittle), and a Snickers wrapper littered on my ‘welcome’ mat.
A small, blonde princess turned around by the pavement, fearlessly approaching me;
A faint “Trick or Treat” blossomed my hearing;

A vessel held to me, filled with Reese’s, Nerds, Twix’s, Starbursts; a plethora of mixed goods,
Placing the soft, warmed tootsie roll I had saved for dessert out of my pocket, into the receptacle,
She skipped off to show the gremlin awaiting her return.
Discretely smirking, I shut my door,

Realizing Halloween wasn’t so scary after all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Ars Poetica~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Poetry from a Galaxy not so far away…

When you’re sitting on the roof looking up at the galaxy not seeming so far away,

Your breath blurring your vision for a slight moment then disappearing into the depth of blackness,

Then that is poetry.

It’s the planets so perfectly aligned in their own little cavity in the anti-gravity,

The simplicity of Mars and Pluto

The complexity of Earth

When the perfect sources are combined something remarkable can be formed,

Earth being one of those million dollar ideas,

The idea that made a statement to the universe

Poetry; a way to make our own statement.

Poetry was the first rocket launched upon the moon,

The victory; the satisfaction.

The solar system embraces our planets,

How poetry clings to our imagination.

The shooting star, dazzling across the midnight sky.

The way we can pinch the moon with our pointer finger and thumb.

The airplanes we mistake for a wishing star,

The lunar eclipse we wait years to see again,

The solar eclipse we may never get a chance to see.

The big dipper we glimpse at before going off to bed,

The Belt of Orion; keeping peace in our minds.

All if this is poetry; as poetry is everything we believe it to be.

Poetry is space,

Its matter


And energy,

The universe can be anything we imagine

While poetry…

It is everything we imagine.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Free Verse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Where I’m From by A. J. Emmert

I am from those open doors,

I’m from the starstruck skies

From the mysterious woods.

From the glossy mass of rock they call the moon.

I’m from space; where I float in an endless realm of the anti-gravity.

I’m from the puddle, with the girl who always stares back at me.

I’m from under the tree which used to bloom cherry blossoms,

And the pond where the ducks once were.

I’m from the symphony of a solo act.

I’m from the infinite laughs; a circus in my heart.

I’m from the snapping flames, the burning specks that disappear into the blackness.

I’m from the marshmallows weaving to and fro with the spasing orange light.

I’m from the song of the bullfrogs; the scream of the fox in need of assistance.

I’m from the aroma of chocolate chip cookies and Maxwell House at midnight.

I’m from the attention span of a toddler, the “I wants” and “Gimme that’s”

From the stress of two jobs; late nights, early mornings.

I’m from the peace of the turquoise Caribbean waves,

The sting of the sunburn.

I’m from the comfort of neon colored paint,

Lava lamps and tie dye.

I’m from the love and support of the world’s greatest family.

From the randomness, and creativity.

From my little red car in seek of repair.

I’m from the joy of being a big sister, the indescribable comfort of being a responsible, caring daughter.

I’m from the butterflies of meeting new and wonderful people everyday,

From the friendships based on trust and confidence.

I’m from the middle of serenity, and the Jack Russell, Yorkie, and Mut chasing the four legged meowers around the lush garden.

I’m from Rita’s and the Neptune Diner.

From making muffins for breakfast and taco bell for dinner.

I’m from Facebook, and Spider Solitare.

From Verizon Wireless and Apple ipods.

I’m from here, and I’m from there,

But most of all, I’m from them, who kept a promise,

That’s where I’ll always be from.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  A Vilanelle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brief Encounter of an Acquaintance.

By: A. J. Emmert

I’ve given you all my secrets to hold,

Our brief encounter begging not to die,

“Forget me not” was all that you were told.

This memory won’t fade as you grow old.

Although you won’t know how we met or why,

I’ve given you all my secrets to hold.

The sky so starstruck, the air was so cold,

When someone whispered in you ear goodbye,

“Forget me not” was all that you were told.

The decaying leaves still smell of the mold,

Even through many years the truth still lie,

I’ve given you all my secrets to hold.

You may not remember my actions so bold,

You may not know the life of that small sigh,

“Forget me not” was all that you were told.

Someday in passing secrets will unfold,

Our eyes may catch, the memory may fly,

I’ve given you all my secrets to hold,

“Forget me not” was all that you were told.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Micro Fiction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“For Sale”

By A.J.Emmert

“It’s perfect!” Dad said to the realtor as they strolled onto the creaking porch slamming the screen door. I could hear him speaking excitedly loud to Dan about how lovely the landscape was. An anxiety of some sort kept crawling up my spine; the hairs on my arm rising and falling was making me awfully uncomfortable. It wasn’t until we’d officially unpacked the Uhaul and began moving the furniture in that I’d realized what that anxiety was.

“Nothing’s there!” he’d kept insinuating. But I saw her; in the reflections of newly hung picture frames. The electric shortages weren’t just coincidences and the doorknobs inexplicably turning weren’t hallucinations. “Just leave my alone!” I’d screamed. I couldn’t escape the windows cracking and doors slamming. “Why are you here?” I would demand, not implying an answer. I would hear her, “Get out!” and “I’m warning you!” I’d awake to see her rocking in a corner, her dark hair pieced over her small button-like brown eyes.

Deserting the empty room without a last glimpse and shakily shuffling in a non-rhythmic pattern down the narrow staircase, I jogged through the open foyer and reached for the screen door. Shaking Dan’s hand with a “Thank you” my dad then put his arm around me and said “Great property, but I’m just not feeling it.” With a nod and a sigh of relief, I crawled into the truck’s passenger seat and forced my dirty blonde hair behind my ear; happily leaving the house For Sale.