Brittany Durborow

List Poem

Decaying Forest
By: Brittany Durborow

Walking on a tiny path,
I’m surrounded by towering trees.
Pine, Oak, Hickory and Maple
All around me.

Their leaves decaying
From the frigid fall air,
That turned colors of
Red, yellow, purple
Brown and gold.
Detaching themselves from their branches,
Falling to their doom.

Wild flowers that are still.
They are standing, leaning and drooping,
But still so very motionless.
Their petals curling in,
Loosing color, turning brown.
As the cold air eventually,
Causes them to wilt.

The forest quiet and lifeless.
The crunch of the fallen leaves,
Is the only thing I can hear.
Crunch, Scranch,
Scraunch and crackle.

As I continue to explore
Through the eerie forest,
I come across a snake.
He lie there unresponsive,
And departed from life.
The cold air choked the life out of him,
Before he could burrow himself underground.

I looked around soaking up my surroundings.
The cloudy sky, the trees,
the leaves crunched into tiny pieces on the ground
And my reflection looking back at me
From the stagnant water.

The wind pressed through my hair,
As it pushed through the trees.
And the trees danced to the hum of the wind.

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Where I’m From

By: Brittany Durborow

I’m from the lead within my pencil

Pressing it down creating a mark

From lines that eventually come together

Morphing into a picture.

I’m from unconfidence swimming deep inside of me

Taking over my entire body

While I attempt very hard to tuck it away

I’m from Mother Nature’s towering trees

Giving us shade from the suns overwhelming rays

In addition to keeping us dry from the plummeting rain

I’m from the stillness of the lake

The water’s caressing me as I float on

Swimming back to the shoreline

Relaxing underneath the sun.

I’m from the oscillating swing

Taking me for a ride

While the wind sweeps my hair back

And embracing me as well.

I’m from rock music blaring in my ear

That takes control of my hands and my head

Playing air guitar and banging my head.

I’m from the laughter of my family and friends

Jeering at me calling me a blonde

But that’s okay because we have more fun.

I’m from engrossing myself into a book

Grasping on to their words that form sentences

Trying to make sense of the story.

I’m from the hustle and bustle of a huge crowed

Gathering for the carnival

Riding rides and playing games

And eventually winning a gold fish

That may die a week later.

I’m from getting distracted all the time

Thinking of nonsense, thinking of things

Thinking about my family and friends.

Skeltonic Poem

The Meeting

By: Brittany Durborow

Running through town,

With my shoes that are brown,

I hope I’m not late,

For this very important date.

I run slightly faster,

So I can reach my master,

So I can avoid potential disaster.

But the clouds start to form,

The beginning of a storm.

Rain pit pattering,

Little boy scattering,

Puddles splashing,

Stray animal dashing.

I hurry to catch a cab.

The rain is bad,

When you’re running in it.

I’m thinking where I sit,

Watching the rain drip drip.

The cab comes to a stop,

I get out with a plop.

I fall to the ground,

Jump back up without a sound.
Now off I go,

No time to be slow.

Into the building


I finally made it there.

No more scare.

Micro Fiction


By: Brittany Durborow

She never thought it would happen to her. Scared for her life, Alice laid trapped in the

back of her kidnappers trunk. There was no way that she could escape. All that Alice could do was to lie there helplessly. She felt like she was a mummy inside a coffin, not able to move. Her hands were duck taped together and duck tape laid across her mouth so that she couldn’t make a sound. The only noise she could make was the resonance of her heart thumping, which sounded like the beating of a drum. The only other sound she could hear was the tires rolling on the road.

There was no light inside the trunk and there were also a few boxes crammed within it. Every time the kidnapper made a sharp turn, the boxes rammed into Alice’s sides. Alice wanted to squeal in pain but she couldn’t.

Alice had no idea where she was going. What was she going to do? Will she ever see her family and friends again? These thoughts swirled through her mind like a tornado. Tears streamed own her face. She was his prisoner. He could do whatever he wanted to her and she couldn’t do anything about it.

An annoying sound suddenly pierced through her ears. It was startling, considering she could only hear her heartbeat before. She hopped out of bed to turn off her alarm clock, thankful it was only a dream.

Word count: 245