Kendall Seigworth

List Poem

Freshman at JP McCaskey

I can still see it with my eyes closed,
A place I never wanted to be…
but in a way still want near me.
It smelled like Axe and cigarrettes
with the occasional hint of weed.
A fight in every corner and bend of the hallway.
Really nothing new to see.

I remember the sounds of kids yelling and playing,
From the daycare downstairs.
I remember dirty bathrooms,
And constant wandering in the halls.
Nothing better to do.

No wonder I’m so good at Spanish,
It was probably the language I used most there.
Knowing how,
A good way to get by.

Never learned just sat there,
Cheap curriculum never good enough.
How is it a place you hate so much..
Can feel so much like home?
I wasn’t a child anymore.

My close friend Damian died.
Lies and deception were all he gave.
Spongebob, Sushi, guitar, good looks;
It’s all they thought to write about him in the papers.
There was so much more,
More to give,
Reasons to live.
I continued to go to work,
and class (even if it was less frequent).

I was still always with Alexandra then.
I haven’t seen her in a long time now.
What can I say?
My ex-girlfriend had more anger problems than I did anyway.
I remember the days when it was still good.
It was strange the way our blonde hair matched.

In a way it’s a mix, people there were mean in a certain way, and people here are mean in a complete opposite way.
A complete change from what was accepted.

I was angry at everything.
I wanted to move out and get away.
I wanted to move in with my 27 year old friend Andres.
I’m glad I considered my options instead of going that way.

I didn’t want anything,
No strive,
No need to succeed.
No dreams I wanted.

But I still went through my day; German, History, Study Hall, Spanish, Math, Lunch, Science, and English.
I’m suprised I can still remember my schedule,
Can’t erase those days.

In the end it’s funny,
That people that made such an impact on me don’t remember me.
Everyone forgets me.
If I walked in now all I’d get is blank stares.
No one cares, I pretty much accept that.
I guess I have to,
And that’s ok.

Skeltonic Poem

Don’t ask, Don’t tell

America is what they defend.

Freedom is what they amend,

yet most people can’t send,

the true love they have for a soldier.

In just a minute their lives could be over,

trying to defend the rights we have,

but are we truly free?

Or are we afraid to see?

What people truly have inside.

People die in vain and hide.

Where I am from

I am from cracked pavement streets,

where ants crawl up and down.

I am from barred windows,

where it wasn’t safe to leave anything open.

I am from house,

the exterior covered in blood,

from a shooting from the night before.

I am from a big tree,

with shade from the hot summer days.

I am from a Father who strived and succeeded,

and I am from a Mother who could never figure out what she wanted.

I am from Spanish speakers,

and Germans I don’t understand.

I am from many places and many moves.

I am a person who is attempting motivation.

I am from a best friend and a sister,

a niece,

who gives me the strength and reason to get up everyday.

I am from little blue pills,

and long rat whiskers,

and music on the car stereo.

I am from me,

whoever me is.

Micro Fiction

Fresh Start By: Kendall SeigworthHow unlucky am I? It was my senior year and I ended up having to go to a brand new school, not the awesome memories and Kodak moments I was expecting. I wasn’t kicked out of my old school, but it was suggested to my parents that I should transfer for my own good. Getting in countless fights and being on the brink of expulsion really didn’t have the school, or my parents, liking me very much.

The Principal was very blunt with me when he told me “Antonio, you just need to get through this year, if you get in so many fights like you did in your junior year when your senior year starts you’re going to miss too many days. You’re going to get behind on your school work and risk not graduating. Plus, I cannot tolerate any more violence. You seriously need to consider entering a new setting and begin the transfer to a new school.”

I decided to go along with the idea that the school and my parents had in mind. My parents still had doubts about how I would do in a new school. I reassured them by stating that “It’ll give me a good start, and I’ll keep myself in good mentality about the situation. The truth of the matter is though is that, why should I stay at a school where they don’t want me. My parents don’t want me there and the students don’t want me there either. What else am I supposed to do? I’ve already put up a front with everyone through violence and isolation. Maybe a fresh start will be good for me.