Nate Lussier

List Poem

Hips swiveling, singing to dogs
Elvis was the man who had it all
Until the day he was sent away
Gone to fight until another day

Guitars a blaring, ducks a walking
Chuck Berry walking now that fine line
For chucks in jail and has no bail
That’s what he gets for paying those girls like that

Big geek glasses, a guitar style new
Buddy Holly and his crickets caught on like the flu
Until that day buddy was so far away
Ritchie Valens and the Bopper so big
Got in that plane that fateful day
The day the music died

Jerry could play the piano so fine
His cousin said, “He’s all mine”
So they got hitched
And the public soon ditched
His great balls of fire smoldered away

Their was death and war and planes and games
This caused this depression for without music spirits would die
All great men stricken from their prime
No more hips gyrating, nor duck walking
No glasses to see and no wedding bells to be heard

Since music did die it became the time
To start the machine and crank it out
Day by day and all night long
Cookie cutter music was being produced
All the same all the time

Lets Twist
Lets Twist Again

Skeltonic Poem

Cinderella a Tribute

Sitting in my room

The only friends is my broom

What a horrible doom

Sitting in this gloom

For the woman so mean

She should be turned green

Instead she makes me clean

And the sisters those two

Brain cells they have few

They think they are prettier

I am skinnier

Asleep one night

I woke with a fright

Too see a bright a light

I saw a prince

Teeth so bright I did wince

Eyes squinted tight

He could be my shining knight

A slipper made of glass

Slipped off as I ran fast

He came to my house

I stood back quiet as a mouse

That woman what a louse

The owner of this house

he slipped it on I did fit

the woman my step-mother did have a fit

Where I’m From Poem

Nate Lussier

I am from

Music which is my soul, my life my being it is what I breathe and live,

Hellos and goodbyes, which have changed everything,

Hot summers and cold winters, I’m also from global warming.

The Theatre program and the music wing,

The slim enjoyment of watching sports,

Reading a book a day which breaks the bank.

Performing arts, musicals and plays,

Horrible spelling but my ironic love of writing,

The best friends have always had and made me who I am.

Singing until my voice.

Not feeling nervous until after my audition,

Looking at stars out back by the fire

Being late.

Sleeping in on snow days,

Mom’s food with the tradition of big meals,

Musicals and plays and my high school career,

NYC and big bright show lights.

Dreams about my future,

Being encouraged to have a free spirit.

Always having a clear and open mind.

Three different school districts,

Making friends easily and keeping them always,

Eating Sunday breakfast with my family.

Enjoying every Super Bowl asleep on the couch.

Outing parents who inspire me to do what I love,

From the age of David Beckham and the American soccer rage,

Black and white keys of that beautiful instrument,

My almost brother who keeps my mind occupied while I try to type this.

Walking around the dimly lit school James sees visions of his past. Electrical cord coiled around pillars and loose wires hanging from the ceiling, remind him attempted suicides of his friends, the bloodstains on the gym floor from the gunshot victim may have faded from the floor but have yet to fade from his memory. She was nobody, got decent grades and no friends with a little money. She came in one day with a gun and shot randomly in the gym. Teachers were always there he thinks to himself, them skulking around the corners in the hallways pawning A’s for weed or any other drugs the students had. Every child had a problem, James was smart, he was smart and short and fat. Every time kickball was played it turned into a game of smear the queer. At school he got shoved into lockers, pantsed in the hallways and tripped in the stairwell. Not having caring parents to support him James just went through life hiding. He joined a gang started doing drugs. One day after a gang fight James was left bleeding on the sidewalk outside of a church. The door opens, the padre calls him over and offers him shelter and food. James stayed there that day and began a new life. Grown up he views he views his life very differently. He tries to compensate for all of his loss in his life by joining in the churches endeavors to make the world a better place.