Nikki Kremer

Where I’m from

Nikki Kremer

I’m from a friendly neighborhood

Where everyone knows each other

I’m from a close family

Where your business is everyone else’s too

And where being an athlete is an assumed priority

I’m from stand up for what you believe in

And live life with no regrets

I’m from a mom who is my rock

And a dad who never stops pushing me

I’m from teammates who are my second family

Where a simple game brought us together

I’m from a strong set of values

And a stubborn personality

I’m from many trips to the hospital

Surgery after surgery failing to solve the problem

Long stays in a small room

Where machines were keeping me alive

Im from making it even when they said I wouldn’t see morning

And never taking a single day of life for granted

I’m from a simple family

And a close group of friends

I’m from always knowing who I am

And where I’m from that’s considered a good thing.

Unnecessary Chaos

Chaos, clutter, rushing,

Running, anxious, crazy

Mom shuffling through her purse,

trying to find the tickets.

Dad calling the resort,

confirming our reservations,

making sure we’re on schedule.

Shoving things in my carry on

Magazines, Check.

Ipod, Check.

Crossword puzzles, Check.

No matter how many times we go through this process

we’re always running late.

Pull up to the airport,

hand off our luggage,

rush through the metal detectors,

Trying to figure out why the dumb thing

keeps beeping.

Sprinting to the right number gate.

Strangers bumping into you every time you turn.

Where are you Gate D7?

Finally reach it, just to find out,

departure times a few minutes delayed,

making our mile run pointless.

Smoothie stands and fast food places,

filled with hungry and impatient customers.

Little kids tired and bored,

parents overwhelmed,

trying to keep there children occupied for

just a little longer.

Boarding the plane,

greeted by the pilot and flight attendants

who promise to make your flight enjoyable.

People crowding the aisles,

arguing over who gets the window seat.

Impatiently waiting for takeoff,

The flight attendant introduces herself on the intercom

“Please fasten your seatbelts”

Quickly gaining speed down the runway,

closing my eyes through the turbulence.

Counting down the minutes

until we reach our destination

Sunny California.

Alarm clock goes off,

informing me that my day of chaos has now begun.

But at least I have an idea of what to expect.

–Nikki Kremer

Micro Fiction: Lost
Hailey looked across the bedroom at her sister Kalie. Identical twins, really? Kalie was half the size of Hailey. The silence that had lasted 10 days now, was to much to break. Hailey really thought Kalie would support her no matter what but Kalie made it clear she was angry.
Hailey never had a boyfriend before. Six months ago Trevor asked to be Hailey’s friend on myspace. Although Hailey did not recognize him she accepted the request because he was cute and he was a boy. Trevor and Hailey started dating and Hailey fell in love. There were only two issues: Trevor was 19 years old and Hailey was only 15, the other problem was Trevor lived 1,200 miles away. Over Christmas Trevor told Hailey he bought her a train ticket so she could come and live with him. Trevor lived on his own in a decent sized apartment right near a beach.
Tomorrow was the big day and all Hailey wanted was to leave. Kalie shot Hailey an ugly glare as they got into bed. As soon as Hailey heard her sister’s obnoxious snore she knew it was time to leave. Kalie would get over it eventually. A few days later Kalie got a phone call from Hailey, “Kalie, I need help. Trevor is not who I thought he was. He is a 40 year-old-man and I need to get out of here.”
The connection cut off and Kalie fears became reality.