Jackie Bleich

“Where I am From”

        By Jackie Bleich

I am from moving a lot, but being stable.

I am from a family that didn’t care. A family that does.

I am from being shy and quiet;where no one talks just sits there and waiting.

I am from a nice BBQ with the hickory smoke sauce.

I am from walking on the beach to see an ocean view and summer breeze.

I am from a nice personality. A loyal, trustful, respectful and honest friend.

I am from hanging out with friends. Where were all crazy and goofing around.

I am from no one knows the real me; except me.

I am from quotes that have meaning that deal with me, but gives advice.

I am from do not judge me or make fun of me.

I am from having a lot of brothers and sisters. Some are not close.

I am from being weird and funny like telling jokes and dancing weirdly.

    There is more to this poem with secrets untold. Where I am from is what you know.

Talk to me and you will know more.