Maggie Shultz

Where I’m From

I’m from dogs barking
To music blaring.
From waves crashing and tattoo needles buzzing
I’m from laughter to piercing needles popping.
I am hair color bottles dripping to leaves crunching.

I am from sparkly pink and horror movies.
From bumblebee to transformers.
I am pop culture and TV obsessive.
I’m from Alice in wonderland.

I am from 19464 to 17603.
From Radar to Stewie.
I’m Heffner all the way to Shultz.
I’m from Germany and Czechoslovakia.

I am black cherry candles burning and
The smell of mozzarella sticks toasting.
From the scent of chlorine in the summer air
To the aroma of cinnamon and nutty fall.

I’m from smooth fur
From rough paper pages and soft silky clothes.

I’m from “talk a little bit more” to
“Quiet down!”
From sweet to the harsh truth.
Protective and lazy.
I am the shoes thrown everywhere
The long wooden boardwalk.

I am the shelves of movies I one day will own,
From animal lover to the rest of my memories in my head.