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Spirit Days to Support PSSA’s

Thursday (tomorrow):  We have this test taking down to a “T”- wear t-shirts

Next week:
Tuesday:  Put your best foot forward- wear slippers or sneakers and PJ’s
Wednesday:  It’s our final lap!!  Wear comfortable work out clothes
Thursday– Way to be a Team and think win-win during PSSA’s.  Wear your team shirt
Friday– Super Hero day (already scheduled- because we are all superheros!)

Friday Fun

Tomorrow is tie dye day and a 1:30 early dismissal.

We are also going to take children out in the snow if they come prepared with ALL these things: winter coat, hat or hood, gloves or mittens, snowpants or an extra pair of pants to change into, and snow boots. Children who can not go out will still get an indoor recess.

March Newsletter

Book Club

Book orders are due on Friday, March 2. Please enclose cash or checks made payable to Scholastic Book Club. Orders usually arrive 2-3 weeks after I send in the order.

Many good books are offered! Children get very excited when they own their own books.

 Star of the Week

Please have the photographs in by the Friday before your child’s assigned week. I will send a reminder home.

March 5 Hope T.

March 12 Yarelyn

March 19 Jacob

March 26 Fallyn

Happy Birthday To…

March 22 Hope T.

Book It!

Thanks to those that have participated. March is the last month!

 Subject Update

Reading – Leisure reading is extremely important. Children will copy what they see. If parents read in their free time, children tend to do the same. Enjoy a good book together. If you are interested in reading a chapter book to your child, your child can sign one out from the library.

When working with familiar books practice retelling the story and reading with expression.

Math – We continue working on number patterns. We are also taking timed tests on addition facts. Children should have fast recall of basic facts. Flashcard practice can help.

Look over the math paperwork carefully so you can see how your child is doing. Is your child checking work before turning it in to see if it’s complete? Are there more than 1 or 2 errors? Is it neat? Papers should be fixed, finished and returned to me.

Merry March

by Nancy Fritz Moon

Merry, mad March comes in with a bound,

Tossing our caps and our kites all around,

Whisking the cobwebs out of the sky,

Teasing wee birdies just learning to fly,

Giving each tree-child a vigorous shake,

Telling each bud it is time to awake,

Jerking leaf-coverlets off sleepy heads,

Routing young flowerets from earthy beds,

Then with a song that makes work only play,

Merry, mad March goes dancing away.

Notes To Parents

Please review the menu each day with your child. It helps the children’s arrival when they can quickly take care of their own lunchcount.

We’d love to have more parents or grandparents in as Guest Readers. Let me know if you are interested.

District Math Facts Assessment

The students took the first addition  test on Thursday. The students had 20 problems and 90 seconds to complete them.  They are graded on a percentage. There will be three addition and three subtraction (which is always harder) throughout the third marking period. These are used  as grades for report cards under math facts. Talk with your child about strategies to improve their performance. Skip around and remember to add the greater number first. Never worry about mistakes unless you finish all problems and have time to go back and cross out to fix. This is new. Do not worry. Look for improvement more than anything.

We also do daily timed tests to help children achieve in this area. Remind your child they are only in competition with themselves. Praise them for getting better. Home practice to build mental math skills is really beneficial.