Field Trip Chaperones – Please Review

The below information will be provided tomorrow morning, but I wanted you to have a chance to read and review it in the peace and quiet of your home since 23 excited firsties can make it hard to focus!

Welcome!  Thanks so much for Volunteering!

Chaperone To Do list: 

  1. Check in – mark that you are here and provide your cell phone number.
  2. Locate the cloth bag with your name and the names of the students you are responsible for.  (names will be highlighted)
  3. Touch base with the students in your care and make sure the students you are responsible for have lunches – help them write their name on their lunch and then put their lunches in the cloth bag. (You will be responsible for carrying this bag onto the bus)
  4. Bathroom – students should go to the bathroom before boarding the bus.
  5. Board bus  – parked in front of the school  – we are sitting 3 kids to a seat and 2 adults to a seat.  This is the only way we are able to accommodate as many parent volunteers as possible.

*Please note, Mrs. Miller and I have not assigned students to ourselves so that we are able to handle logistical issues, trip organization and any problems that arise.  We can also take students who are experiencing difficulties. 

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