The End Begins

Today is the first day of our last of three cycles of Tech Club at LeTort and Central Manor elementary schools this year. So far, this experiment has proved wonderfully successful, and I truly believe it has laid the groundwork for similar programs in the future.

This past cycle, two of my 5th grade students wrote about their experiences. Here they are, word for word.

From Suren,

     Dear readers of Mr. Moss’s blog,
     I am Suren. A tech club member at Letort for the second rotation. Us tech club students at Letort were asked by Mr. Moss to write a paragraph for his blog. So, he is what I have to say.
     Tech club : A place where kids at some of the Penn Manor Elementary schools learn about tech.
     I had tried out for the first rotation of tech club, but I did not get in. This rotation I put my very best into the try-out and guess what? I got in!
     The first week or so of tech club we played with a little sphere robot called cphereo. It was so fun to play, explore, and code with cphereo. After that unit was over, we started to get into parts of a computer. First, we learned about all the parts of a computer. Then came a challenge. All of us tech club students went head-to-head in a race to take apart then rebuild a computer. Cole won and I came in second place. After that day we did a competition called ‘Research race’. In that we are given things to look up, and the first person to find that thing gets a point. I won that race and Cole came in second.
     From there on, well I don’t know because I am typing this on the day of ‘Research race’. So, have a great tech day. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Bye!
-Suren (A second rotation member of tech club at LeTort)

From Sydney,

     My name is Sydney and I am a member of Tech Club. In Tech Club, we do many fun and exciting things! Like currently, we are working with Sphero robots along with rebuilding laptops. We do many games like research races and draw the computer parts. Every day is exciting and I can’t wait for every Tuesday and Thursday when we have it. Now granted, Mr. Moss thinks that we are a mischievous bunch. We have lunch with him and talk about the different computer parts. Mr. Moss is pretty patient and has a great sense of humor basing off of the fact the we may not always behave the greatest. Today, we raced to see who could take apart and then rebuild the laptops the fastest. I won of course. No, no I didn’t but came in a close second. I will be very upset when it ends!


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