The New Year, A New Beginning

The start of the 2017-2018 school year presents new and interesting challenges for Penn Manor. There were many changes in the IT department over the summer, and the reopening of Conestoga Elementary School presents it’s own challenges.

Here is a sampling of some of the projects that we’ve been working on over the summer:

  • Update Windows imaging to Windows 10 and move to new Windows deployment tools
  • Update Mac OS imaging tools and develop a new Mac image
  • Update FLDT to handle UEFI for new Lenovo 11e hardware
  • Update Password Reset tool
  • Migrate to Gmail from Exchange
  • Plan and launch 1:1 pilot at the Elementary level

All these changes and at the same time, we’re look for a Technology Specialist to fill an open position in our ranks. It has been an exciting ride, but we did it, and there is even more to come!

This year, I’ll be permanently working at three school buildings: Central Manor, LeTort and Conestoga elementary schools. For the start of the year, I’ll also be taking care of Eshleman Elementary school as well. This doesn’t mean I won’t be able to initiate some interesting projects this year once things settle down. In fact, in just a few weeks, I’ll be talking with teachers and principals at each of the four schools under my care about the following potential projects

  • Tech October (a month to promote technology around the school)
  • Tech Clubs (specifically focused on 1:1 pilot classrooms)
  • Student Projects
    • Video projects
    • Research and Development projects
    • School-wide, cross-discipline projects

The opportunity to promote the proper integration of technology into one’s life is a great honor and privilege, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Penn Manor IT team!