The Week Ahead – September 14-18…

We had another fabulous week last week! The students are working hard, and we are covering so much each day! The small groups not only allow us to practice safe social distancing, but they allow me to really connect with each learner. As a result, we are able to move faster, dig deeper into what we are learning, remediate as needed and extend their learning when we are together!

The students are enjoying their small group recess time! The students are also doing a fantastic job with making sure that their computers are fully charged and ready to go when they arrive to school each day! Thank you! I’m also very proud of how hard our friends are working on “At Home” learning assignments! This is FANTASTIC!

Please see the information below to help navigate the week ahead. Thank YOU for all of your support! We are a team, and I truly value your support! Have a fantastic week!

Question 1: How long should my child be working on “At Home” learning assignments on each “At Home” learning day?

Each subject area/assignment should take 45 – 60 minutes each on an “At Home” learning day.  Because students are working on their laptops for awhile, please encourage your child to take quick breaks when working. We encourage students to watch all of the videos and follow the lessons completely in order so that assignments are accurately completed.

Question 2: How does attendance work on “At Home” learning days?

All students need to fill out the attendance form (in our Google Classroom) by 9:30 am each day. In order to be marked,”Present,” students must complete their online attendance form AND have completed all of their “At Home” learning assignments for each day. All assignments are due no later then 2 days from when they are posted. Students are also responsible for assignments posted in their Creative Arts Special google classroom. Mr. Andrew has thoughtfully posted activities and assignments in his Applied Engineering Google Classroom in which our class should also be logging in to on their “At Home” Learning Days. 

Question 3: Where are this week’s “At Home” learning assignments?

Beginning this week, all “At Home” learning assignments can be found in Google Classroom. Please refer to the email which also contains a video of how to navigate our Google Classroom and the assignments. Please also refer to the helpful At Home Learning Agenda that will walk your student through the assignments.

Question 4: How will my child log on to their Wednesday Google Meet?

Students will log in to Google Classroom on Wednesday mornings at 9:00. They will find the Google Meet link there to log on. We have practiced how to navigate finding the meet link, as well as, discussed learning and google meet etiquette as a class.

I hope you and your families have a great week ahead. Be sure to reach out via email with any questions!

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