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Back to School Information from School Health Services

Hopefully you have had a fun and relaxing summer and are ready to welcome the changes that go along with starting a new school year. Health services personnel, including the school nurses and health room techs, are here to provide a variety of services to your child. Our goal is helping your child get the most from his or her education. We provide nursing assessment and care for ill and injured children. We will notify you if we feel  your child is unable to complete the school day due to serious illness or injury.  Please complete the emergency forms carefully so that we have up to date information allowing us to reach you during the school day. If your contact information changes, be sure to call the school office to inform us so that you can be reached in an emergency.

We provide health screenings during specific grades that are mandated by the PA Department of Health.  The Department of Health requires growth screening each year, and you will receive BMI information in a sealed envelope addressed to the parent or guardian at some time during the year. If you have concerns, please consult your child’s physician. If a student fails the hearing or vision screening, a referral will be sent home to you. Questions about medication at school can be answered by calling your school nurse.

According to state law, an immunization record with dates of all required doses must be provided to the school.  A religious or medical exemption form can be completed if applicable.

Starting this year, ALL students in ALL grades must have two doses of the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine unless the child had chickenpox disease.

In addition to the two doses of chickenpox vaccine, if your child is entering seventh grade this year, they are also required to be vaccinated for Meningitis ( MCV or Menactra) and have a booster covering  tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis ( Tdap).

Written proof of these vaccinations should be given to your school nurse prior to the start of school.

Physical exams are required in grades K, 6 and 11. Dental exams are required in K,1 and 5.

If your child is in need of health services, and you are without insurance, please contact us. We can provide information about resources for insurance or health services, or refer you to our school social worker.   We hope that you will see us as a source of care and information for you and your child through grades K-12.


The PMSD School Nurses

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