Sealant Saturday February 18th

Free Dental Exams and Sealants
DATE: February 18th (this Saturday)
TIME: 8am – Noon

COST: FREE Oral Exams, Bite-Wing X-Rays, Sealants (and cleaning if time allows)! Insured or Uninsured doesn’t matter. There’s no charge – but you must call for an appointment!

WHO: Children ages 5-16

CONTACT: (717) 917-6743 (leave a  message and we’ll call back to schedule)
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An examination will be provided by a Dentist and the sealants will be placed by Dental Hygienists’ and Expanded Function Dental Assistants on the child’s permanent molars at the Water Street Dental Clinic.
Come get top notch dental care for your kids and meet the Pennsylvania school dental exam requirements.
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