Health Lessons for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

In the next few months as part of our fourth, fifth and sixth grade health program, students will be receiving important information about puberty.  The lessons for fourth grade are provided for girls only.  In addition, the 6th grade students will receive information regarding HIV/AIDS.  The goals of the program are to present up-to-date information and to emphasize the importance of healthful living.  The programs are presented separately.  The puberty lesson for girls will be taught by the Certified School Nurse and the lesson for boys will be taught by the Health and Physical Education teacher.  Written materials will be used and sent home for follow-up discussion and as a reference for your child.

The DVDs and complementary materials will be available for parent preview in your child’s school.  Contact the school nurse to make arrangements if you wish to preview the materials prior to February 28th.

If you would like to have your child excused from either topic, please notify the school nurse in writing no later than February 28th.

For any questions please contact your school nurse.

For more information see the letters sent home to each grade level.2

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