Since we are currently learning about coins here are some fun things you can do at home with them!

  • Practice counting and identifying them
  • Have your student “buy” their snack using coins
  • Help them sort coins/roll them (I know this is everyone’s favorite thing to do but, I am sure your second grader will love it)
  • Play this fun game- HERE
  • Check out this fun video-

Lesson 15 Spelling and Vocabulary

lunch, shape, wish, chop, show, catch, then, each, bath, such, very, messy, lady, happy, key, baby, money, funny, candy, sunny, slice, dodge, city, huge, nice, space, gem, price, cage, fudge, fur, shirt, burn, stir, bird, turn, herd, third, learn, search

Challenge Words-

shadow, bathtub, starfish, matchbox, sandwich, chimney, nobody, breezy, twenty, keyhole, central, fireplace, gentle, gymnast, celebrate, perfect, birthday, purple, circus, surprise