Chapter 6 Spelling!

pie, high, tie, light, lie, night, bright, right, might, tight

Challenge Words- 

weeknight, lightning, sightsee, nightstand, sunlight

No vocab this chapter!

Chapter 5 Spelling and Vocabulary!

Chapter 5 is a review chapter of words chapters 1-4

see, please, need, deal, sleep, mean, green, clean, keep, eat, same, kite, home, plate, ride, rope, race, rule, broke, tune,not, best, run, job, bed, spot, get, mud, ten, duck,flag, fin, ran, has, fill, sat, list, sit, bag, win 

Challenge Words-

teapot, beehive, seaweed, peanut, mealtime, mistake, bedtime, homemade, classmate, notepad,rotten, contest, helmet, puppet, subject,picnic, plastic, rabbit, fabric, napkin   


First off, I apologize because the sub yesterday did not send the homework home correctly. Students completed their homework this morning for morning work. The spelling words game home yesterday and the test will be next Monday.

Thursday is Dress Like/Talk Like a Pirate Day! We will be going ALL OUT here in 2-S. That being said if you do not have pirate items that is FINE! I am supplying an eye patch for each student to wear and we will be making pirate hats in the morning. They are welcome to dress like one or just simply wear black and red. 

We earned a behavior reward last week so Friday, students are welcome to bring a stuffed animal to school. They are only allowed to bring 1 stuffed animal and it must fit in their backpack. 

Lastly, your student will be coming home with a special book today. My goal for this year is to send a book home each month with your student to help them build their own library at home. I am sure many of them already have libraries going but, this can add to them. Each month they will bring a different book home! Please enjoy this book with your student and family! 

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. 
Happy Tuesday!