Bath time

Make sure you check out our cameo in the Pequea Survives video on the Pequea Blog!!

Bath time

Hear a rumor we’re making a bath time cameo in the new Pequea Music Video Pequea Survives! Check the Pequea blog for it some time today!

Do you want a bath?


Archer, Archer loves to play.
Archer would play all day.
He’s a silly dog.
Sometimes we think he might be a frog. Man does he love his toys.
Until he eats them.

No one said dogs are good at rhyming – Love Lana

Destroying toys like it’s my job.

Nap time.

It’s cool and windy outside which means nap time is the pups favorite thing to do today. We hope everyone’s having a terrific Thursday ❤️

Inside playtime!

These past few days have been dreary. Us pups don’t like the cold or wet!
Enjoy us playing inside while reading some of our favorite jokes for April Fools. Also, what do you like to play with inside?

What dog keeps the best time?
Why are dogs like phones?
What dogs love to take baths?
What did the cowgirl say when her dog ran away?

inside play day for Archer and Lana

A: a watchdog, they have collarIDs, shampoodles, and well, doggone.


According to Archer, “ the most wonderful things about frisbees is frisbees are wonderful things.” I think he stole that quote from one of our favorite story book characters. Except it is, “ the most wonderful things about ??????? is ?????? are wonderful things.”.

What name fits into those blanks and can you finish the rest of this tune?

Enjoy Archer and Lana the Stick Lady running around our back yard play with a frisbee and of course sticks. Cameo by Mr. Sanna as he is a better frisbee thrower than Mrs. Sanna.

Puppers Breakfast

Our favorite part of our day is FOOD time. We both eat some yummy Taste of the Wild and mom spoils us with pumpkin mixed in. Did you know that pumpkin is good for dogs stomachs. It helps keep them regular and prevents them from getting a tummy ache.

We only eat together. If one of us stops the other does too!
Yummy pumpkin!!
I’m such a messy eater!

Double post!

Haha. Of course day 2 I forgot to post! 🤭

This weekend has been so rainy the pups are muddy and stuck inside. Check out their new chew toys! Hope you’re staying dry!

The Life of Archer and Lana!

Two puppers living their glory days while mom and dad are stuck at home all day with them. Be prepared to see cuteness, sleeps, doggy friends, and frisbee fun!

Lets meet those pups!

Taking a ride around the neighborhood with mom on 3/26/2020. Socially distancing ourselves while getting out of the house!

Archer is a 3 year old Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). His favorite things are peanut butter, cheese, play frisbee, car rides, and sleeping on Dad’s seat on the couch.

Lana is an almost 1 year old Havapoo (Havanese Mini Poodle Mix). Her favorite things are anything her brother is doing, STICKS (but only outside), cheese, and waking you up with kisses in the morning.

Stay tuned for more on the adventures of Archer and Lana.