Spelling Lesson 10

pie, high, tie, light, lie, night, bright, right, might, tight, pay, mail, paint, day, stay, sail, way, train, tray, rain, car, art, barn, start, farm, card, yarn, part, dark, hard, boat, snow, coat, grow, float, own, low, load, soak, bowl

Challenge Words-

weeknight, lightning, sightsee, nightstand, sunlight, mailbox, highway, daytime, raindrop, crayon, barnyard, starlight, carpet, artist, market, yellow, snowflake, sailboat, carload, window


Things we need!!

We are in NEED of the following items for upcoming projects. Please help if you can!
Beads: orange, white, brown, black, green, red (plastic pony type beads are best)
tan pipe cleaners
brown paper lunch bags
candy corn
Oreo cookies
Hershey kisses
MINI vanilla wafers
jingle bells
thin red ribbon 


Important Items!!

This paper will be coming home this evening to be filled out, if you would like! Please send it back tomorrow!! 

 Thursday, a permission slip for the all school field trip came home with your student. 

You must fill it out completely, choose a lunch, and send the $5 cost in before I can submit it! Let me know if you have any questions!