You guys did an great job today at Long’s Park. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the finished work. The flower beds all look awesome. You worked well with the Life Skills class and even shared lunch tables, which I loved. You cleaned up all the tools which we usually don’t have time for. Deb was really happy with all we got done today. Amazing!!! You should really be proud of yourselves. Now go tell your friends and family that they need to visit Long’s Park and see your masterpiece!

Speaking of going to Long’s park… You can tell your friends and family to buy BBQ tickets too. I WILL START HANDING THEM OUT ON MONDAY! I accidentally brought them home and I’m not in school tomorrow. So please let myself, Miss Stover, Haley Garber, Bailee Hargan, or Adam Martin know if you need tickets and we will get them to you. I also see Delaney Mercado and Olivia Chipriano daily so you can let them know and I’ll get them to you. You can also stop in and see me in room 383 or see Miss Stover before school in room 378 after Monday!

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