Idioms: It’s all Greek to me…

What is an idiom? Are they important? Do we even use them?

An idiom is a group of words that are used together but might not mean what it sounds like it means. Well, that’s confusing. Here are some examples:

You crack me up means you make me laugh!

I have a frog in my throat. Hopefully, not literally! I have a frog in my throat means that your voice is hoarse or cracking. Those are three common idioms that you’ve probably heard or maybe even used before.

Here are some more idiom examples.

Here are 25 more common idioms and their meanings. Try to use the idiom in a sentence. Look for idioms in books or movies. Look for pictures or draw a picture to explain the meaning. They are more common than you think and it can be a little confusing if you don’t understand the meaning.

  1. A piece of cake- something is easy
  2. A slap on the wrist- a mild punishment
  3. A toss up- the decision could go either way
  4. Actions speak louder than words- it’s better to do something than just talk about it
  5. Backseat driver- people who criticize from the sidelines
  6. Back to the drawing board- when an attempt fails, start over
  7. Baker’s dozen- 13 items
  8. Beat a dead horse- keep talking about something even after the topic has ended
  9. Bend over backwards- do whatever it takes to help
  10. Between a rock and a hard place- stuck between two bad options
  11. Once in a blue moon- a rare occurrence
  12. Iron stomach- someone who can eat anything without any problems/issues
  13. Charley horse- a leg cramp
  14. Chew someone out- verbally scold/yell at someone
  15. Crack someone up- make someone laugh
  16. Cut to the chase- leave out unnecessary details and get to the point
  17. Devil’s advocate- someone takes a position for the sake of argument
  18. Down to the wire- event ends at the last minute/seconds
  19. Dropping like flies- a large number of people falling ill/dying
  20. Every cloud has a silver lining- being optimistic that every bad situation has a positive side
  21. Hit the nail on the head- do/say something exactly right
  22. Icing on the cake- when something good gets even better
  23. Kick the bucket- die
  24. Loose cannon- someone unpredictable and can cause damage if not in check
  25. Out of the blue- something unexpected happens

Get your head out of the clouds and go find some more idioms!

See what I did there….

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