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Daily vocabulary and learning strategies for Kdg-8th grade

Vocabulary words are listed by grade level and there are 5 days of words per grade level.

When we teach vocabulary in the therapy room we are not teaching your child to memorize random words, rather are teacher strategies to apply to unknown words when reading to help learn and retain the meaning of those words. Here are some strategies to use when learning new vocabulary words:

  • Use catchy and engaging songs (you can even come up with your own short jingles) such as those on Flocabulary.
  • Draw pictures to help retain visual meaning of words (if your vocabulary word is “leap” you might draw a picture of someone leaping through the air)
  • Examples! Come up with lots of examples for each vocabulary term (if you word is “courteous” you might think of examples such as holding the door open for someone else or saying please and thank you)
  • Create Word Maps- come up with antonyms, synonyms, and use words in your own sentence (this helps students create connections to the word being taught to words they already know.)
  • Use flash cards (have students write the definition in their own words on one side and the vocabulary word on the other. Use both sides for teaching! One time you’ll show the definition to your child and they will have to come up with the vocabulary word and then the other time you’ll show the vocabulary word and they will come up with the definition.)
Grade Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kindergarten Tangled Leak Protect Follow Bumpy
1st Divide Alone Rescue Enormous Divide
2nd Proof Shelter Feast Doubt Invent
3rd Predict Examine Reverse Limit Brief
4th Reduce Prefer Ascend Routine Severe
5th Aroma Reliable Seldom Intense Bland
6th Hoax Retrieve Composure Precise Beneficial
7th Abrupt Ponder Hospitable Consult Notorious
8th Proficient Forfeit Attribute Benign Rubble