Central Manor JRFH 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It’s time for Jump Rope For Heart, American Heart Association program that teach students in 38,000 schools nationwide valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, such as:

  1. Your child learns about the importance of taking care of their heart and how it works.  Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America?  We can change that – 80 percent of risk factors for heart disease are preventable.  Each member of the Zoo Crew teaches healthy habits for life!

2. Your child learns the importance of helping others through this service learning project.  Did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away?  Your child has the ability to make a difference and share their ROAR for heart health challenge through our Zoo Crew E-Card and asking them to share that message with others.  When they take the challenge and send it to 10 people, they will earn Rory’s Zoo Crew Badge.

3. Your child feels good for making a difference in people’s lives!  Funds raised support the American Heart Association’s research and education initiatives that save lives in our community.  Additionally, the school earns money for PE equipment so we can keep our kids MOVING!

Students at Central Manor should have received a parent letter and collection envelope.  All returning materials can be handed to either main office or Mr. Binkley.  Due date for collection envelopes is February 28th 2017.

Thank you!

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Fun Run 2016

Penn Manor Elementary Cross-Country “Run for Fitness”

Kindergarten and 1st Grade (1/4 mile) run & Grades 2-6 (1/2 mile run)



The races will start at 9:00 am on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at Comet Field.  The event is held rain or shine.



No ENTRY FEE!  Just turn in your completed form at Comet Field on race day between 8:00-8:45 a.m.  Contact Dan Myers, Penn Manor Jr. High cross country and track coach at daniel.myers@pennmanor.net with questions.



The Traveling Trophy will be presented to the elementary school with the highest percentage of students participating in the run. The top five place winners are invited to the Lancaster County Championship Race (information to be provided day of the run).


*****A Pizza Party will be given to the runners from the school winning the Participation Trophy immediately after the races and awards*****



The races will be run on the grounds at Comet Field (all grass course).  Approximate start times:  Kindergarten Fun Run – 9:00  1st Grade – 9:10  2nd Grade – 9:20  3rd Grade – 9:30  4th Grade 9:40 

5th Grade – 9:50  6th Grade – 10:00




RUN FOR FITNESS APPLICATION (fill out one per student)
___________________________ ________________________________                  Boy or Girl

Last Name                                            First Name                                            (Circle one)


___________________________ ________________________________

Elementary School                                Grade



This waiver must be signed and submitted in order to participate.

In consideration of this entry, I waive and release for myself, heirs, executors and administrators, any claims associated with this event which I may have against the race officials, Millersville Lions Club, and Penn Manor School District and all and others associated with the race for any and all injuries suffered by me in said event.

I certify that I am physically fit for this race and that I am responsible to run and compete in a manner focused on my personal safety.


___________________________________           ________________________________

Parent’s signature on behalf of Minor                 Date

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NFL Punt, Pass, Kick – Team Championship Results


(Pictured from left to right)

Braden Kahl (2nd Grade CM) Riley Robinson (6th Grade Pequea) Kennedy Dings (3rd Grade Pequea)

Congratulations to these three Penn Manor students who competed in the Team Championships last Sunday in Philadelphia.  All three competitors did a wonderful job placing in the top 4 of their respective age groups.  Braden, Riley and Kennedy were all given a PPK jersey and football.

Final Results:

Riley Robinson – 4th Place / Kennedy Dings – 4th Place

Way to go girls!!!

Braden Kahl – 1st Place!!!!

Braden was the champion from the Boys 6-7 age group.  Below I have attached information from the official NFL PPK website.  The columns show  Braden’s scoring of Punt/Pass/Kick/Total from Sunday.  Braden currently is in 5th place nationally with only 3 NFL teams yet to report.  PM students who qualify represent our home team “Philadelphia Eagles” however all 32 NFL team participate in this PPK competition.

Braden, Riley, and Kennedy – We are PROUD of you!!!

Philadelphia Eagles Braden C 62’ 4” 64’ 4” 35’ 5” 162’ 1





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WHO: The families, friends, and community surrounding Pequea Elementary School

WHAT: The 1st Annual Pequea Elementary GLOW in the DARK Fun Run (5K) will be a great time for all ages!

WHEN: Saturday, November 21st at 5:00pm

WHERE: Silver Mine Park

WHY: Pequea Elementary PTO is raising funds to support our students and staff at Pequea Elementary School!

HOW: Register at www.Active.com (search Pequea Elementary)

Registration Fees:

Adult (age 14+) $25 (plus Active.com processing fee)

Student (age 5-13) $10 (plus Active.com processing fee)

Family Registration $75 (plus Active.com processing fee)

Ages 4 and under *Free

*If registered by Friday, November 6th each runner will receive a Race Shirt and Glow Stick

Come Dressed in NEON and your best GLOW in the DARK accessories

Race is a FUN RUN and will not be officially timed!

See you at the RACE!

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Calling All 5th – 8th Grade Boys!

Players are needed for the

Penn Manor Junior High Boy’s Volleyball Team!

No experience needed!

We will teach you fun and valuable skills as you participate in one of Penn Manor’s strongest sports programs!

Come out to our Tuesday Open Gyms!

6-8pm in the High School West Gym

No cost, no immediate commitment needed.

Bring your friends and have fun!

Contact Coach Lucas Charney with questions!

Text, call, or email:

717-468-7784 or lucascharney11@gmail.com


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It was a great day to be a Comet!  PM students that had advanced from our local competition in September, traveled to Landenberg, PA on Sunday, October 11th for sectionals.  In the end, three PM students came out on top in their respective age groups.


(From Left to Right)

Kennedy Dings (PEQ), Riley Robinson (PEQ), Braden Kahl (CM)

Boys Age 6-7

Braden Kahl 1st Place – Central Manor Elementary

Girls Age 8-9

Kennedy Dings 1st Place – Pequea Elementary

Girls Age 12

Riley Robinson 1st Place – Pequea Elementary

Boys Age 12

Charlie Gonzalez 2nd Place – Hambright Elementary

Congratulations to all Penn Manor Participants!

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NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Sectional Information

All first place winners from the NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition @ PM on September 23rd are invited to participate at the sectional level of the competition.  The information is posted below.  Good luck to all students who are advancing.
Penn Manor is proud of you!
Sectional Host: Jim Russell
Phone: 610-869-3635
E-Mail: agflag@aol.com
Date Time:
October 11, 2015 1:00 PM
Crossan Park
91 Parsons Rd.
Landenberg, PA 19350
Contact your building Physical Education teacher with any additional questions regarding the sectional competition.
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Results from NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition @ Penn Manor

Girls Age 6-7
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Finish
Cali Washington Letort 28′ 26’1″ 14’8″ 68’9″ 1st Place

Boys Age 6-7
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Finish
Josh Beck Central Manor 15′ 48’5″ 23’3″ 86’8″
Cayden Deiter Conestoga 24′ 24’6″ 9′ 49’4″
Miles Fetter Hambright 21’6″ 14’2″ O
Oliver Hanna Hambright 34′ 45’10” 47′ 126’10” 2nd Place
Ayden Hilgert Central Manor 37′ 24’7″ 39′ 100’7″ 3rd Place
Braden Kahl Central Manor 74’9″ 49’7″ 52′ 176’4″ 1st Place
Jett Kroesen Eshleman 36’3″ 26’3″ 30′ 92’6″
Nate N. 13′ 19’8″ 31’9″ 64’5″
Connor Smeigh Conestoga 33′ 28′ 30’6″ 91’6″
Michael Starin Conestoga 0 24’6″ 8′ 25’2″
Graham Williams Conestoga 15’6″ 26’3″ 4’6″ 46’3″

Girls Age 8-9
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Finish
Kennedy Dings Pequea 43’5″ 29’2″ 15’3″ 87’10” 1st Place
Kiley Scholl Central Manor 24’10” 29’6″ 2’10” 57’2″ 3rd Place
Ava Washington Letort 20’1″ 32’3″ 23’3″ 75’7″ 2nd Place

Boys Age 8-9
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Finish
Dylan Andrews Central Manor 13’11” 34’8″ 14′ 62’7″
Deyshan Black-Robinson Hambright 49’11” 42’9″ 45’6″ 138’2″ 2nd Place
Gage Backus Conestoga 49’2″ 39′ 40’11” 129’1″
Travis Clawson Pequea 49’4″ 57’11” 24’6″ 133’9″ 3rd Place
Nathan Dejewski Central Manor 20′ 34′ 21’4″ 75’4″
James Downey Pequea 40’9″ 38’5″ 28’2″ 107’4″
Sebby Elias Eshleman 14’8″ 47’4″ 38’5″ 100’5″
Allan Feliciano Maldonado Central Manor 5’1″ 29’2″ 15’7″ 49’10”
Jordan Hafner Central Manor 8’7″ 20’3″ 2′ 30’10”
Colby Henry Letort 32′ 47’5″ 19’7″ 99′
Jack Hightower Eshleman 8’3″ 38’8″ 39’7″ 86’6″
Geovanni Jordan Hambright 38’11” 37′ 1’2″ 77’1″
Mason Kahler Martic 16’2″ 14’6″ 5’8″ 36’4″
Ethan Markulik Central Manor 14’1″ 17’4″ 16’8″ 48’1″
Javion Mata Central Manor 7′ 23’3″ 22’6″ 56’9″
Jacob Mayzum Eshleman 39’5″ 30’7″ 26’3″ 96’3″
Jaeden Ortega Central Manor 31’5″ 43’2″ 38’10” 103’5″
Thomas Reynolds Conestoga 50’3″ 46’8″ 45’2″ 142’1″ 1st Place
Billy Riggs Central Manor 8’8″ 33’4″ 2’1″ 44’1″
Nathaniel Ruiz Central Manor 39’10” 44’6″ 21’11” 106’3″
Brayden Yoder Central Manor 13’3″ 41’11” 25’3″ 80’5″
Joshua Zook Eshleman 41’9″ 41’1″ 17′ 99’10”

Girls Age 10-11
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Place
Keegan Dings Pequea 42’6″ 45’4″ 63’4″ 151’2″ 2nd Place
Kamia Goodley Hambright 56’3″ 72′ 39’6″ 167’9″ 1st Place
Sydney Hoar Letort 32′ 36’4″ 29′ 97’4″
Malayna Kahl Central Manor 25′ 36’4″ 42’6: 103’10”
Abbie Kelly Central Manor 46’8″ 17′ 36’8″ 100’4″
Emily Riggs Central Manor 27’3″ 62’6″ 39’8″ 129’5″ 3rd Place

Boys Age 10-11
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Place
Jayden Almodovar Eshleman 22’6″ 47′ 21’4″ 90’10”
Emilio Diaz Hambright 51′ 88’4″ 73’10” 213’2″ 2nd Place
Logan Gallagher Conestoga 74′ 36’7″ 52′ 162’7″
Jordan Martin Pequea 72′ 60’7″ 70’2″ 202’9″ 3rd Place
Nate Mintzer Conestoga 39’2″ 40’5″ 45′ 124’7″
Brayden Shertzer Pequea 9’3″ 19′ 3’5″ 31’8″
Tyler Smith Eshleman 69′ 66′ 9′ 144′
Dhamir Wesley Central Manor 66’9″ 89’6″ 77’4″ 233’7″ 1st Place 

Girls Age 12
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Place
Maddy Kahler Pequea 45’10” 51’2″ 39’2″ 136’2″ 2nd Place
Riley Robinson Pequea 38’9″ 46’6″ 70’2″ 155’5″ 1st Place

Boys Age 12
Name School Punt Pass Kick Total Points Place
Cameron Bitts Pequea 62’7″ 68’10” 31’6″ 162’11” 3rd Place
Jessie Burkhart 70’11” 64’8″ 45’3″ 180’10” 2nd Place
Matthew Campbell Central Manor 60’8″ 54’6″ 36’2″ 151’4″
Charlie Gonzalez Hambright 55’7″ 53’11” 72’11” 182’5″ 1st Place
Leif Heckaman Central Manor 45’2″ 60’10” 33′ 139′
Dylan Marchio Eshleman 28’10” 47’8″ 28’6″ 105′
Jeremy Peters Central Manor 0 51’8″ 15’10” 67’6″


What a perfect night for this competition!  A big thank you to all who helped make this night a huge success 🙂

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Results from PM Elementary Fun Run

Congratulations to everyone who ran at this year’s Penn Manor Elementary Fun Run.  Here are the results of our 1st place winners from each grade:

K Boys: Gavin McHale

K Girls: Kelby Dings

1st Grade Boys: Kellen Kreider

1st Grade Girls: Marley Lane

2nd Grade Boys: Logan Barnes

2nd Grade Girls: Peyton Smith

3rd Grade Boys: Andre Weaver

3rd Grade Girls: Kennedy Dings

4th Grade Boys: Carter Vinson

4th Grade Girls: Kennedy Neuman

5th Grade Boys: Luke Thomas

5th Grade Girls: Abby Ames

6th Grade Boys: Arden Smith

6th Grade Girls: Keagan Dings

The 2015-2016 Traveling Trophy went to Pequea Elementary with a total of 8% participating.  Way to go Pequea!!

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HS Football Players Visit LeTort to Promote Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition


Getting ready to practice our skills!


We show off our punt…


Our pass…


And our best kick!


We find time to get a few autographs 🙂

Thank you football players for visiting our school on such a nice Fall day.  Best of luck with your football season.


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