Results from PM Elementary Fun Run

Congratulations to everyone who ran at this year’s Penn Manor Elementary Fun Run.  Here are the results of our 1st place winners from each grade:

K Boys: Gavin McHale

K Girls: Kelby Dings

1st Grade Boys: Kellen Kreider

1st Grade Girls: Marley Lane

2nd Grade Boys: Logan Barnes

2nd Grade Girls: Peyton Smith

3rd Grade Boys: Andre Weaver

3rd Grade Girls: Kennedy Dings

4th Grade Boys: Carter Vinson

4th Grade Girls: Kennedy Neuman

5th Grade Boys: Luke Thomas

5th Grade Girls: Abby Ames

6th Grade Boys: Arden Smith

6th Grade Girls: Keagan Dings

The 2015-2016 Traveling Trophy went to Pequea Elementary with a total of 8% participating.  Way to go Pequea!!

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