2023 Seniors

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12U Champs…Again!

Make that two straight 12U championships for Penn Manor baseball, and three championship game appearances in four years. Great job by our kids!
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A Salute To Our Seniors

Congratulations to Tim Hermansen, Aaron Gale, and Ryan Buchwalder as they graduate from Penn Manor. Although they never got to wear our new uniforms in a game this year, all three of these fine young men were tremendous representatives of Penn Manor all throughout their baseball careers here. Tim, Aaron, and Ryan didn’t need to play baseball to be successful, as each of them were tremendous students, awesome kids, and have bright futures ahead of them. But we sure wish we could have seen them play this year, and they’ll always have a special place in the hearts of everyone associated with Penn Manor baseball.
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With the 2020 season on hiatus, let’s remember better times!

The 2017 12U LNP tournament runners-up
This picture was taken at Clemson in 1991 when I was a sophomore. The first pitch I threw in this game was hit about 420 feet.
Trevor Adams watching the action
If this picture were sold as a poster, I think people would actually buy it.
Tyler and Q.J. waiting for the rest of the team to show up
Big Ben looking focused for Mountville
Matt Connelly hits a double in summer ball action
Brad Frey in JV action last year
So…did Tim, Aaron, or Ryan get the big hit that necessitated a Cedar Crest pitching change in this picture?
Danny Santana in the JV scrimmage against Lancaster Catholic
Coach Kroesen (front row…2nd from the right), starting catcher on Etown’s 1993 State Championship team.
Tyler Ditzler, at least a year or two ago
Mr. Switzer with Gavin and Ian
Mr. Switzer, middle, playing for the legendary 285s.
Bend your legs, Ethan!
Aaron Gale, after Coach Stuart accidentally bunted a ball into his face last year.
Jamison Ford during the 2017 LNP Tournament
Gavin and Ian Switzer
Hunter Sipel looking extremely happy!
A focused 2017 12U team
Isaac Braegelmann had just made a great catch of a pop-up in this picture.
Mr. Adelman with what looks to be a very aggressive lead off of first base. Believe it or not, this IS the Comet Field varsity field. Our facility has come a long way over the years.
Coach Shearer, looking just as tough in a mirror image as he does in a normal image
Jordan and Joe Frymyer
Recognize this guy? This is Mr. Lawrence, with a full head of hair, ready to go for the Blue Streaks.
A young Hunter Krimmel at, I believe, the Creswell 14U field
A young Reed Lawrence and his dad taking their fandom of the Phillies into enemy territory in Baltimore
After he finally learned to tie his shoes, Max Jesberger turned into something pretty rare these days, a solid three-sport athlete, still bringing this same “game face” to football, hockey, and baseball games.
Noah Beach doing what he’s always done…throwing strikes and getting batters out.
This was a 9/10 Little League tournament in Octorara. In heartbreaking fashion, the team lost an 11-3 last-inning lead in the championship game.
Dalton, Ethan, and Noah at Clipper Magazine Stadium last summer
This picture made the front page of the newspaper!
This is Q.J.’s dad, Quay Hanna, playing for L-S. Apparently the Pioneers were trying to be the first team in history to wear a logo on the side of the batting helmet, a style that thankfully did not catch on.
Reed in JV action
And Reed again, last summer
Dalton Green last summer
Not many thrills bigger than hitting a Kunkle Field home run in the LNP Tournament
The Sipels
Spencer Stuart, moments before taking one over the scoreboard at Kunkle Field in 2017.
From 2013. Recognize any of these guys?
One of my favorite pictures of all time, and one of the best moments of my life.
Hello, Tim.
Wow. The pride of Middletown, PA, Coach Bechtel, in middle school.
Tyler Barnes – Champion
Two winters ago, a few of the current 9th and 10th graders entered the Ephrata baseball Whiffle Ball tournament and brought home the gold!
What a difference a few years can make. Check out Zach’s form from 2015 to 2018 in the next picture.
Coach Zander, Coach Stuart, and Coach Morrison. What good times!
High School athletes don’t always realize how much younger kids really do look up to them. My younger kid was a huge Ryan Glenn fan. But then again…who wasn’t?
I’ve seen a lot of great things during my 22 years coaching at Penn Manor, but none were more amazing that seeing Josiah Snyder survive, and then recover, from his terrible car accident in the summer of 2018. Here he is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch during last year’s LNP Tournament at Clipper Stadium.
From a few years back…another one of my favorite pictures
During my 19 years coaching with Jim Zander, I got this look many, many times. And I loved every second of it!
The 2019 12U LNP Champions
Did anyone notice there were fewer tree branches hanging over the field this year? With the neighbor’s blessing (the trees are on his property) Matt Sipel entered lumberjack mode and removed many of the most problematic branches over the pressbox, dugout, and batting cage.
Peter Skiadas at Cocalico last summer during the 14U season
The 2009 League Championship team, with former principal Jan Mindish on the right.
I always loved this picture of 2017 grad Jeff Taylor.
These guys look ready to conquer the world!
Jackson Swarr and Ethan Adelman
If you look closely in this picture of the South Carolina baseball team, you might notice a young “Trainer Steve,” now of course our athletic director. On the 2nd row, 3rd from the left is Steve Pearce, the MVP of the 2018 World Series for the Red Sox.
I always loved watching this after youth games when the kids were young. Win or lose, after the post-game meeting, kids tear out of the team huddle, probably hoping a team snack is waiting at the bench, or even better, a trip to Pine View Dairy.
Introducing your 1989 Colonial League champions – The Southern Lehigh Spartans!
I played my high school games at this field, just south of Allentown, called Limeport Stadium. If you’re ever up in the Lehigh Valley, go find this place and check it out. It’s one of the coolest baseball fields you’ll ever see.
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How We All Feel Right Now

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The Spring 2020 Apparel Sale is open until March 13!


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Congratulations to the members of the 2020 Penn Manor baseball team!

9th Grade
Trevor Adams
Tyler Barnes
Isaac Braegelmann
Grant Fry
Jordan Frymyer
Q.J. Hanna
Ben Hermansen
Jimmy Keck
Danny Santana
Peter Skiadas
Spencer Stuart (Injured-manager)

10th Grade
Ethan Adelman
Noah Beach
Matt Connelly
Jamison Ford
Brad Frey
Dalton Green
Cameron Harnish
Carter Harnish
Evan Jergensen
Hunter Sipel
Jackson Swarr
Gavin Switzer

11th Grade
Zach Clare
Tyler Ditzler
Andrew Glenn
Max Jesberger
Hunter Krimmel
Reed Lawrence
Raudys Pineda

12th Grade
Ryan Buchwalder
Aaron Gale
Tim Hermansen

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Field Work Day

Nearly fifty players, coaches, and parents helped get our field ready for the 2020 season. This year’s work included the construction of our new portable batting cage!
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Two Truckloads of Diamond-Tex were added to the infield to level the playing surface.
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Iron Hill Fundraiser This Saturday!

Iron Hill
Please consider dining at Iron Hill Brewery on Saturday, Dec 7, anytime between 11:00 AM and midnight. 40 percent of your meal bill (alcohol, tip, taxes not included) will go directly to the baseball booster club. Just be sure to tell your server that you are there to support Penn Manor baseball. This could be a great fundraiser for us, so go grab a great meal and support the booster club!
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